Winter break breaks us

Looking at the downsides of Christmas break

Many people find Christmas to be the best holiday of the year, and as the year comes to a close, plans are already being made for the holidays. Students are sharing their plans to be with family and are already predicting the gifts they will receive, and it is making the campus buzz with excitement. With the many students who are excited to have a break from school life, there are those who are not ready to leave campus.

Trent Greene, a sophomore at FPU, is one of the students who are not excited for the break, and love is the reason why. 

“I enjoy seeing my little sister and my dad. Honestly, the biggest reason I am not that excited for Christmas this year is that I won’t be able to see my girlfriend for a long time,” Greene said.

Greene’s family has lived in the Bay Area his entire life and he has always been excited to be at home. He described himself as being a “home body,” but this year, his feelings have changed. He met his girlfriend, Jaalyn Mua Sotoa-Stuebing, at FPU last year, and they have been dating for about a year now and are going strong. Unfortunately, Stuebing’s family lives in San Diego, putting Greene and Stuebing as far apart as they could possibly be during the holidays.  

“Yeah, we FaceTime a lot when we are apart for a long time, but it would be really nice to have her around during my favorite time of the year,” Greene said.

Another student who isn’t excited for Christmas break is Alex Ferguson, who is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Ferguson is currently on the basketball team at FPU and is beginning his sophomore season with the team, hoping to be a starter. Although Christmas break is time off for most students, Ferguson is not off the hook. 

“Unfortunately I cannot go home for the holidays. I’m hoping my family will be able to fly to Fresno to celebrate for a while, but as we are in season, we have lots of training to do to have the best possible season. Being an athlete comes with a lot of sacrifices and missing out on flying home for the holidays just happens to be one,” Ferguson said.

 Although Ferguson is going to be missing his family, he explains that his teammates are his family away from home and that he is grateful for their company. 

“They are like a second family to me. They help me feel more at home while away from home,” Ferguson said.

Janae Bibby also wants to stay at FPU, since she has found great people around her who she will miss. 

“I know I live pretty close to California and I could honestly just drive back here to visit my friends, but I probably won’t have the chance to!” Bibby said. 

Not only will Bibby miss her friends, but her freedom away from home. 

“I have to remember that I am going to have to tell my parents where I am going every time I try to leave the house,” Bibby said. 

She goes on to say that she predicts getting very annoyed having to constantly remind her family where she is going and where she is whenever she is out of the house. 

Although there are many things that can bring down the holidays, it is important to focus on the positive! Allow yourselves to enjoy time away from school, give your brain a break and get ready for the new year!

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