What if humanity learned to love like a child?

Children are the perfect example of love and faith in today’s chaotic world.

Do you remember when you were four, five or even six years old? Do you remember when the only thing you worried about was missing your favorite TV show or forgetting your lunch at home? I definitely remember such good ole days, when life was much simpler; relationships, politics and money were the least of my concerns. It was so easy to love everyone and I never doubted that my parents would love and provide for me all the days of my little life. But, for all that, I was always in a hurry to grow up. How relatable is this?

However, as we grow older, we acquire more and more responsibilities and the outside world gets bigger and bigger. Suddenly, we start to see that the world is not all butterflies and rainbows, but is actually riddled with  hate, danger and chaos. It’s easy to get caught up in political drama, to start to judge and hate those who disagree with us. It’s easy to harbor feelings of jealousy for someone who is more talented or smarter. It’s easy to criticize our neighbor for being of a different faith. We have forgotten what it is like to have a child-like faith and love for one another. Why is it that these characteristics, which come so naturally to children, are so rare to find in teens and adults? 

In chapter 18 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus explains that only those who become like children will inherit the kingdom of heaven. What does he mean by this, if children are often seen as naive and insignificant? 

Children have so much faith in their parents or guardians. They have a constant hunger to learn, which is what makes them teachable. When they fall down, their resilience lifts them back onto their feet. They love everyone unconditionally, and are unconcerned with race, religion or political tendencies. Jesus saw such qualities as the most important, but how many of us can actually say that we love everyone? 

Loving and having faith in each other isn’t an easy thing to do in today’s chaotic, scary world. Although we desire to love others, our fear of rejection and pain may keep us from giving it freely. Jesus may call us to love our enemies like our neighbors, but he never says it will be easy. 

Have you ever stopped to think, “What would the world look like if humanity learned to love like a child?” Children may be the innocent in our world, but they know how to love better than any of us who have grown up. I would like to challenge every one of you to start freely loving your neighbor, without the expectation that you will receive it in return. You may not see the fruit of it now, but if we all learned again to love like a child, our world could become a much better place.

Author: Katarina Quintana | Opinions Editor

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