Valentine’s Day, COVID Style

A few Valentine’s Day activities for both couples and singles this year

Valentine’s Day is finally upon us, a holiday joyously celebrated by couples who plan a romantic night out or in, and despised by singles who cope with their loneliness by eating ice cream and watching movies. 

Yet this Valentine’s Day looks very different given the current global situation, which might leave you asking, “How am I supposed to celebrate when everything is shut down?” Don’t worry— I have some activity ideas, for both couples and singles,  that will be sure to lift your spirits this Valentine’s Day. Although they may look different depending on your relationship status, they can still be enjoyed by everyone. 

For all of you who want to stay indoors this Valentine’s Day, why not try baking a sweet treat? 

For couples, baking with your significant other is a great way to enjoy each other’s company, have a few laughs and enjoy a tasty dessert afterwards. Baking can be just as fun for singles; if you are alone, turn on the music or your favorite TV show while you bake. If you live with family, ask them to join you so you can make both memories and treats together. 

Another indoor activity you could try is to have a fancy dinner in your dining room. You and your significant other can get dressed up, make dinner together and share a romantic, candlelit meal. A more budget-friendly option is to order pizza; after all, this year no one is going to judge you for eating pizza in fancy clothes. Singles out there, who’s saying you can’t do the same? Dress up with your family and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal or takeout pizza. 

I also have a few activity options for those who want to celebrate out of the house while still staying safe. Make some hot coffee or chocolate, grab a blanket or two and take a drive to a location with a great view of the horizon. Sit on the grass or in your trunk and watch the sunrise, sunset or both with your significant other or family. This is a great way to take a break from being cooped up in your house, and it can be very relaxing to appreciate nature’s beauty for an evening. 

My last idea is for you to go on an afternoon or evening picnic. Pack a few sandwiches, snacks and a blanket, and head to a nearby park. Whether or not you are single, you can invite a few friends to join you. You can safely physically distance on your own blankets while still enjoying each other’s company.  

Hopefully these ideas have sparked your interest this Valentine’s Day. Although February 14 will look very different this year, it does not mean we can’t continue to express the love we have for each other. Make Valentine’s Day 2021 one to remember. 

Author: Katarina Quintana|Opinions Editor

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