Thoughts on The Book of Boba Fett Finale

What could the events of the finale mean for The Mandalorian season 3?

The Book of Boba Fett’s finale bore a striking difference from the rest of the series. While this series was long-awaited, it was an admittedly slow story. Rather than the action-packed and fast-paced story that audiences saw in The Mandalorian, viewers received what is more or less an origin story. This means that most episodes focused on the main character’s journey to the present and lacked much action. The final episode, however, was filled with the emotional and tense moments that made The Mandalorian such a captivating story.  

In this episode, Boba Fett finally has the opportunity to face those that killed the Tuskens. This fight, however, is not an easy one. Fett’s opponents use robots that are essentially indestructible. The conflict that emerges from the robots, and the group’s inability to kill them, then gives the audience a fight that is incredibly captivating.

 However, the tense and high-stake fight is not the only notable thing that creates anticipation for the audience. As viewers saw in the previous episode, Grogu, the Mandalorian’s foundling, was given a choice between being a Jedi or a Mandalorian by his master. In this episode, the audience finally gets to learn what Grogu chose, which was being a Mandalorian. 

While the reunion between these two was both emotional and amusing, one question remains. What does this mean for The Mandalorian season 3? The entire arc of the second season revolved around the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, searching for a Jedi that could train Grogu. Luke’s decision to make the child choose between him and his father undoes everything from season 2. One might ask: what was the point of searching for the Jedi in the first place if they are just going to hand back the child? 

This odd situation means two things for The Mandalorian, season 3. The first: the Mandalorian will continue his journey alongside his child, which is a path that would be great but could possibly undo what was done in the previous season. The second: Like some fans theorized and hoped, Din Djarin and Luke Skywalker might agree to both train the child. From the mentions of Paz Vizla’s ancestor, the first Mandalorian-Jedi, it is possible that this path will be considered. After all, why should the child have to choose?

Written by: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana

Graphic by: Liza Larrabee

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