The Crocheted Ducky: a small business ran by a student from FPU!

A description of the business and how it came to be!

Are you interested in supporting small and local businesses? If so, The Crocheted  Ducky is the perfect business to support! This business is run by FPU student Jacklyn Avila, otherwise known as Jackie, who makes a variety of crocheted art. From an adorable baby Yoda, to a snowman with a removable hat, to handbags, Jackie offers a variety of adorable items. Not only that, all of these items are affordable and if you desire something she does not have on her Etsy page, she also takes custom orders.

So, how did this business come to be? Like many other things, the answer to that is the pandemic. During quarantine, crocheting became really popular online. More than that, though, Jackie grew up with a grandma that knitted each of her grandchildren’s baby blankets. One of her biggest inspirations was her beloved grandma and the possibility of connecting over a hobby. Since she also had a friend that was trying it out, Jackie decided to test it out herself.

 Her journey to crocheting, however, was not a perfect one. For example, her very first attempt at crocheting involved following a Youtube tutorial on how to make a stuffed dinosaur. Despite her efforts towards making this dinosaur, Jackie grew frustrated when her own did not match the one on the video. After several sessions in which she tried her best to recreate the dinosaur from the video, Jackie decided to put it away.

 When this occurred, she felt very discouraged and figured that it might not be her thing. Some months later, though, Jackie decided to give crocheting another try by finding a much simpler tutorial. The result of her decision was her first successful stuffed animal, which led to her realizing she wanted to make more! Although her first attempt was unsuccessful, the answer was clear: perseverance is key! 

Now, besides her story highlighting how important perseverance is, what other advice can we get from her experience? For starters, her story shows that an activity, like crocheting, can be much more than a hobby. In her words, the activity she partakes in can be a coping mechanism for many people. More than that, it can also be a way to find a positive community that has thrived, as a result of people dedicating themselves to an engaging hobby. Along with that, though, her success can also demonstrate how important building an online presence is when starting a business.  For one, having an Instagram page before making her Etsy account helped her gain a following. Additionally, the interaction that she gained from the people that followed her served as a motivation. From the fact that she just received her first custom order from a complete stranger, it is clear that her online presence has helped her immensely!

Check out her instagram or Etsy page for inquiries and orders!



Written by: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana | A&E Editor

Graphic by: Liza Larrabee

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