The Batman Movie Review

Non-spoiler movie review of Robert Patterson’s newest movie The Batman!

Robert Patterson received lots of criticism when he was cast as Batman. Many thought he could not perform the role. Additionally, his role as Edward in Twilight played a role in the criticism. Some people did not like the idea of him playing Batman for that reason. Overall, D.C’s movies have rarely lived up to their hype due to them being poorly written. As a result of this, a lot of people believed it was going to be good while others believed it was going to flop. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, the audience score was 88%. However, I personally would have given it a 90% because it felt like it was missing something. 
This movie is different compared to other superhero movies, as it had a serious tone. It has a slow start, but the movie keeps you engaged the whole time. The plot was written perfectly and I cannot complain about anything there. It had great riddles, as the audience tried to figure them out as the movie played. Also, it had good action sequences. More importantly, however, the main figure was Batman, because he was in every scene. Robert Patterson played a great performance, and he really showcased that he can do this role. It was interesting that they censored some scenes that may have been too graphic. This was done in order to keep it PG-13, but it was good they included some scenes, because it gave the movie more depth. Finally, I think the only thing that was missing was the Bruce Wayne side in this movie, although it is called The Batman.

Written by: Julissa Mercado | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Julissa Mercado

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