Thanksgiving Movie Recommendations!

What kind of Thanksgiving movies are out there? Why do students think there are so few of them?

Holidays like Christmas and Halloween are prevalent in movies and can be found anywhere. However, the same cannot be said about the Thanksgiving holiday! Very few Thanksgiving-themed movies exist. Due to the lack thereof, here are four Thanksgiving-related movies for those interested in watching!   

Free Birds

  • This is a family-friendly movie about a group of turkeys traveling back in time. What is their purpose? They work to arrive before the first Thanksgiving takes place, and they try to prevent the long-held tradition of turkeys eaten during the holiday!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • This special involves the lovable character, Charlie Brown, celebrating Thanksgiving! On his journey to celebrate the holiday, he faces some challenges along the way. As a result, it is up to his pet, Snoopy, to prevent Charlie’s celebration from being ruined!

Soul Food

  • When the matriarch of the family falls into a coma, her family is left scrambling to keep their holiday traditions alive. This movie depicts a family coming together and sticking to their traditions, despite their differences!

Garfield’s Thanksgiving

  • This is a movie involving the ever-hungry cat and its owner, John! Will Garfield wish to eat Turkey or Lasagna for the Thanksgiving feast? Watch to find out!

Addams Family Values

  • When Mortician and Gomez welcome a new baby, a nanny is hired to take care of their oldest children. But, is this nanny all that she seems to be? Watch to see a story unfold about a murderous nanny, an unwanted vacation featuring a Thanksgiving play, and an evil plot against Uncle Fester!

Now, it was mentioned earlier that Thanksgiving movies are not as prevalent as Halloween or Christmas movies. To see what students thought about this social dilemma, they were asked a few questions. When asked why she thinks there are not as many Thanksgiving movies as there are Halloween and Christmas movies, Kayley Bryan-Sanchez assumed that it likely had to do with the history behind the Thanksgiving holiday. In particular, she believes the dark history behind this tradition makes people closed off to the idea of celebrating a holiday like Thanksgiving. When asked if she thinks there should be more Thanksgiving-themed movies, Kayley replied that she does not necessarily believe there is a need. Although she does not completely believe in the idea, she mentioned there should be more movies focused on being thankful for friends and family. 

Other students like John Russel Laforteza noted there may be a way for people to become less uncomfortable with the history behind Thanksgiving. This is something that he believes could happen if people emphasized the family and gathering aspect of the holiday. 

Finally, when asked what she thought could increase the popularity of Thanksgiving movies, Megan Will stated that their popularity can increase if stores capitalized on it. She noted that this holiday is not as hyped up as others, which she stated was clear in the lack of store decorations for it. If people focused more on the money-making aspect behind the holiday, she believes that Thanksgiving movies might become more popular. Despite her response, Megan made it clear that she does not believe the holiday should be capitalized by anyone.  

*Movies obtained from Good Housekeeping

Author: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana

Graphic by: Liza Larrabee

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