Teacher Feature: Dr. Ranjan George

Dr. George’s Calling to Being an Educator

Dr. Ranjan George is FPU’s associate professor of business and the undergraduate business program director. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka, until he left to India to finish high school, due to the civil war. After many moves and returning home a few times, he came to the United States to work in 2008. In the Fall of 2017, Dr. George came to work for FPU. We asked him what he thought is the best part about FPU. He responded, “Founded on Christ.” 

Dr. George is passionate when it comes to his faith. He has had three close encounters with death. One at three months old with a stomach infection. Second, at the age of nine, when a mob attacked his home during the civil war. The third encounter was at age 16, when he had to rush home to try to find safety, but his house ended up catching fire. Not long after spending time in a refugee camp, his parents sent him and his siblings to India.

“Lord, what is it that you want me to do in life, what do you have as your mission for me in my life?” is the question he asked God when his house was raided during the civil war. “At 26 years old, I heard God’s call to me. I heard ‘one day you will work for me’,” Dr. George said. After sending his resume everywhere, he got a call from a school asking if he was still interested, and he hopped on a plane right away. 

From there his path truly began as he relocated many times before settling at FPU. The students here at Fresno Pacific University have greatly impacted Dr. George. “They have given me the opportunity to share my knowledge” Dr. George said and continues, “They have given me the opportunity to share my faith.” He likes to challenge his students in the area of identifying what we are put here on earth for. At Fresno Pacific University, he shares God’s faith with his students. 

Dr. George is more than a prossferor here at FPU, as he provides guidance to the students. “I used to have students who asked can you lead me to the Lord” and, “I used to lead them to the lord,” Dr. George said. The way he explained it is he would provide guidance to the students who are looking for the path to God. He would share his knowledge and experiences with them to help them on their journey. 

Dr. George likes to share his faith and story with others. Throughout his life, God has protected him three times from death. He has so much passion for his faith, which has led him to where he is today. God said he would work for him and in present time he is at FPU. Dr. George shares his experience but also challenges his students to find their mission. Overall, Dr. George has a great relationship with his students as they impact each other’s lives.

Written by: Julissa Mercado | Staff Writer and Alicia Garcia | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Alicia Garcia and Julissa Mercado

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