Sunbird Squares

Sunbird Squares

It’s like a Jumbotron, except smaller and made of paper.

What is Sunbird Squares?

Sunbird Squares is a page made of nine full-color 3″x 3″ squares in the print edition of The Syrinx. They are spaces reserved for members of the FPU community to post messages and announcements. 

Who can submit a Square?

Anyone with an email ending in can submit a square. That includes all students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

  • Does your campus office, organization or club have an announcement to make? You can submit a Square.
  • Does your group have an event to promote? You can submit a Square.
  • Do you want to wish your friend a happy birthday with style? You can submit a Square.
  • Did you doodle something that the world needs to see? You can submit a square.
  • Do you want to see a closeup of your own face in print? You can submit a Square, I guess.

How to submit a Square

Email your square to from an email address ending in

How to create a Square

There are several ways to create a Square that require little to no design experience. We recommend choosing from the following  tools:

  1. Canva: Choose the “Instagram post” option and design your message. Download it as a png.
  2. Spark: Choose the “social graphic” option and design your message. Download it as a jpeg or png. 
  3. PowerPoint: Go to Page Setup and make the dimensions square. After you’ve designed your square, go to File/Export and choose file format as png.

Of course, if you are a Photoshop or Illustrator ninja, by all means, get fancy. 

Rules & Editorial Policies

  • No vulgarity, profanity, or bigotry. 
  • No promotion of activities or behaviors that do not align with the values and behavioral standards described in the Fresno Pacific University Student Handbook.
  • No political messages of any kind, except for those regarding FPU Student Government elections.
  • All submissions must come from an email account ending in 
  • Submitters must include their full name and reliable contact information. (This information will not be published; only for verification purposes ).
  • Images and content must be original or meet standards of fair use.
  • The Syrinx reserves the right to make or require edits of a submission for style & accuracy.
  • The Syrinx reserves the right to refuse publication of a submission and will provide any submitters with reasons for refusal. 
  • First come, first serve. Please note the deadlines and publication dates below so that your event is publicized in a timely manner.
  • The tone of Squares is intended to be informative, positive and affirming. If you have complaints and criticisms to make, we encourage you to send a column to and/or post to the Wittenburg Door.
  • The deadline for submission for Sunbird Squares is by 5 pm on the following days:
    • Issue 1 – September 13 (Published on Tuesday, September 24)
    • Issue 2 – September 27 (Published on Tuesday, October 8)
    • Issue 3 – November 1 (Published on Tuesday, November 5)
    • Issue 4 – November 29 (Published on Tuesday, December 3)
    • Issue 5 – January 31 (Published on Tuesday, February 4)
    • Issue 6 – February 28 (Published on Tuesday, March 3)
    • Issue 7 – March 27 (Published on Tuesday, March 31)
    • Issue 8 – April 24 (Published on Tuesday, April 28)