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South Korean TV stories to satisfy your need for Korean Drama

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s thrilling K-drama, Squid Game, is a show about 456 players who play a series of deadly children’s games in order to win ₩45.6 billion to solve their large debts. This series  has taken the world by storm after its release on September 17, 2021, on Netflix. It has remained on Netflix’s Top 10 list for the last two months, and it is wildly popular in more than 90 countries!  With only nine episodes in its first season, binge watching is a breeze for viewers. To those viewers who have completed the entire series already, there is no need to fear! Below are four South Korean dramas similar to Squid Game to watch next:

  1. Alice in Borderland 

This Korean drama is based on a manga by Haro Aso. This is a show about a group of gamers who find themselves stuck in a “parallel Tokyo.” The characters are forced to compete in a series of deadly games by unseen forces and have no choice but to play if they wish to survive. This TV Show is like Squid Game, but instead of the players competing against each other, they must work together to solve problems. With only eight episodes, it is a series that can easily be binged!

  1. Dr. Brian

This Korean drama is a psychological, sci-fi thriller about a brain scientist who invents a way to transfer memories from one person to the other, in order to investigate a mysterious family tragedy. This psychedelic nightmare stars Dr. Beurein, and it deals with tapping into the minds of the dead and the living. There are only three episodes currently released, but there are three more on the way, with each episode being one hour long. This emotional show is very similar to Squid Game, because it has an insane grip on life and death. This show is definitely worth checking out!

  1. Sweet Home 

Are you looking for a Korean drama that has a dark and insane energy similar to that of Squid Game? Sweet Home is the right call, as it is a fantasy-horror series about a group of people locked inside an apartment while the world around them collapses as people transform into monsters. The catch? The monsters are reflections of their inner demons! Sweet Home currently has 10 episodes, and it is a good show to watch for those interested in interpersonal drama and monster fights.

  1. #Alive 

Unlike the rest, this one is a Korean movie about a zombie apocalypse! If you liked the small glimpses of humanity shown in Squid Game, you will certainly enjoy this movie. It follows a video game live-streamer that is locked inside his apartment, all alone, after a mysterious disease breaks out in his city. The mysterious disease causes people to become zombie-like creatures that attack and eat the uninfected. #Alive is 99 minutes long, and it is the perfect sci-fi thriller to watch with your friends on a Friday night!

Author: Valerie Claustro | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Valerie Claustro

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