Shalom Club is Hosting a Clothing Swap Event!

Details about the event, the mission behind it, and how students can get involved

Shalom Club is hosting a free clothing swap event on Tuesday, November 16, 2021! This event will be held during activity hour from 12:40 PM to 2:00 PM, in the forest. In the days leading up to this event, students can donate any clothing in good condition they no longer wear. Places like the Commuter House, the Academic Success Center, Student Development, and the Student Government Association’s house have a marked cardboard box students can drop their clothing into. On the day of the event, students can look through the display of clothing and take whatever they would like – for free!  

This event is being hosted on a first-come, first-served basis. Members of the club, like Social Media Coordinator Kaylin Brown, suggest that all those who attend should be mindful of others and the environment; students should only take clothes they know they will wear more than once, and they should be considerate of others attending the event.

Shalom Club Co-President, Hannah Weaver shared the club’s mission with the Syrinx.

“Shalom Club is focused towards having right-relationships with the environment, the food we eat, the people we are in community with, the space we take up, and of course, Christ!” Shalom Club Co-President Weaver said.

 This means that the club holds many activities ranging from gardening, hiking, movie nights, and dinners as a way for them to carry out their mission. In particular, the inspiration behind this event was the explosion of fast fashion. According to Paola Gonzalez Mendez and Kaylin Brown, fast fashion is a big issue that affects more than just the environment. The disposable nature of the clothing means that harmful and cheap materials are used to create them. In addition, workers are paid unfairly and, ultimately, exploited. As a result, Shalom Club wants to offer students a fun opportunity to share clothes they do not need anymore!

For those that are interested in joining the club, students can find them on Instagram @FPUShalom or email Hannah Weaver at!

Authors: Saraleim Mozqueda and Alyssa Stuebner | Arts and Entertainment Editor and Executive News Editor

Graphic by: Alyssa Stuebner

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