SGA Launch Party – A Bloody Good Time

SGA Period Party celebrates women on campus

At the beginning of the month, I attended the Aunt Flow launch party – lovingly nicknamed the “period party” – hosted by the Student Government to celebrate the success of the Aunt Flow program here on campus. 

Aunt Flow advocates for equal access to menstrual care products. At a moment when so many conversations about inclusivity and diversity are happening, it was beyond amazing to have one night where things went right and a small portion of the Fresno Pacific community was able to come together to celebrate.

Vice President Danya Gonzalez, who had a major part in introducing the period equality program at FPU, started the night with a few soft-spoken, but no less, powerful words congratulating her fellow student leaders on their success in introducing the initiative. 

Maddie Ward, a sophomore, attended the night in a fittingly red ensemble.

“It was empowering to celebrate women in a community of loving individuals,” Ward said. 

With Maddie was freshman Lauren Lee, a journalism major and an outspoken supporter of social change on campus, added her own voice to the mix. 

“Growing up in a society that habitually shames and ultimately built a nuance of disgust surrounding periods, has had an effect on each and every one of us…the ability to break through societal constructs is what made the event so exciting,” Lee said.

Overall, the response to the event and the outreach program has been overwhelmingly positive. The karaoke concert, the Aunt Flow company, and the joy of coming together to recognize the hard work of the SGA and the transformative impact students can have on campus reminded me of the power we have as a community.

Author: Cailey Lessel | Opinions Editor

Graphic by: Cailey Lessel

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