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On-Campus amenities that you might have forgotten about

It has been a long time since our campus has been so full of students! Whether you’re a new or returning student, it’s easy to forget about the many on-campus amenities FPU has to offer that are here to help you be a better student. Here’s a friendly reminder:

Need a place to study?

The Hiebert Library offers a quiet place to study, access to university computers, and free printing! They also have a discovery service anyone can access to find books, articles, or materials needed for assignments. Can’t find the book you’re looking for? With interlibrary loans or Link +, you can borrow and check out books from different libraries through our library. Ask a librarian today or head to their website. 

The Intercultural Learning Center (ILC) is also available and offers a friendly, quiet place to do academic work. Their goal is to provide a space for students of all cultures and nationalities to feel comfortable and welcomed. The center offers laptops, printers, flat panel screens, and more for any student! 

Need some help with assignments?

            The Academic Success Center (ASC) pride themselves in helping all Fresno Pacific students. Tutors are available through appointments and could help with writing, math, and science. Academic coaches are also available to help you manage your schedule and do the very best you can this semester! 

Need a place to hang out?

            Charlotte’s Coffee Corner is a great spot to hang out with friends, study, or grab a quick snack before class. It sells candy, sodas, and specialty coffee drinks. There are a lot of small tables inside and is open until 10pm!

            Aims Hall Atrium is also another great spot to relax, study, or hang out in between classes. It offers a beautiful spacious lobby and has lots of comfy sofas.

            The Student Lounge is also a spacious spot indoors to unwind and pass the time in between classes. It is located in the Steinert Campus Center.

All of these places are free to attend and are provided for you by Fresno Pacific University! 

You can find the websites to most of these places below.


Hiebert Library:

The ILC:

The ASC: :

Author: Valerie Claustro | Staff Writer

Graphic By: Eryca Jade Goldsborough

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