Album Review

Adele’s Most Powerful Album Yet! In the last decade, Adele released the powerful, melancholy albums we all know and love today, 21

Thanksgiving Movie Recommendations!

What kind of Thanksgiving movies are out there? Why do students think there are so few of them? Holidays like Christmas and

Shows like Squid Game to Watch Next

South Korean TV stories to satisfy your need for Korean Drama Hwang Dong-hyuk’s thrilling K-drama, Squid Game, is a show about 456

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    Embracing true diversity is important, because this is how we make room for many different perspectives and approaches. This happens best in


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Album Review

Adele’s Most Powerful Album Yet! In the last decade, Adele released the powerful, melancholy albums we all know and love today, 21

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  • The struggle of bringing the birdcage on the road Students at Fresno Pacific University as well as student athletes are being deprived

  • Shoes aren’t just for kicks, they are a form of self-expression In the world of athletics, there has been a subculture that



Clubs on Campus


A Guide on How to Get Involved on Campus Returning to campus after such a long hiatus has created a bit of a rift on campus life. It feels different, but for good reason. However, if you are one of those students who wants to be more active on campus, whether you commute or live

FPU’s LGBTQ+ Pride Club Denied


Following the discernment of Fresno Pacific University’s Board of Trustees, President Jones decided to deny the request for an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on campus. On October 26th, 2021, President Joseph Jones, Ph.D. announced that he has chosen to deny the request for establishing an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on Fresno Pacific University’s campus.  President Jones, regarding

3v3 Basketball Tournament


Fresno Pacific hosted “Hoop Heroes” on October 14th, 2021. Hoop Heroes is a 3v3 basketball tournament where students were allowed to compete for a chance to win $300! This Basketball event was held in front of the Special Events Center. The event held multiple rounds of games every Thursday, and the teams that won the

How do FPU Students Celebrate Day of the Dead?


What day of the dead is and how it’s celebrated by different students! Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a Latin American tradition that celebrates one’s family members who have passed. Traditionally, an altar is set up with the pictures of the deceased family members. In addition, the things that the

SGA Launch Party – A Bloody Good Time


SGA Period Party celebrates women on campus At the beginning of the month, I attended the Aunt Flow launch party – lovingly nicknamed the “period party” – hosted by the Student Government to celebrate the success of the Aunt Flow program here on campus.  Aunt Flow advocates for equal access to menstrual care products. At

Filipino American History Month


What the Month Means and How FPU Plans to Honor it October 1st marks the start of Filipino American History Month. It is a month dedicated to showcase the ongoing culture, heritage, and legacy Filipinos have here in the United States, connecting those living in the Philippines and those living in the U.S. The Filipino

A Fictional Horror Story for the Halloween Season!


A missing girl, rumors of a haunting, and an unexpected surprise! The trees sway around her as a harsh wind blasts, blocking Sunny’s view as her hair is violently thrown from side to side. She has spent longer than she should outside in the unforgiving weather and darkness, but she is struggling to move forward.

Patrick Kiprop Holds Great Success With Still More Races to Come


The accomplishments and outstanding season of Kiprop Cross-Country athlete, Patrick Kiprop, has had a historical season. On September 18th, 2021, at the UC Riverside Invitational, Kiprop ran a historical time of 23:07.8, which made a new school record in the 8k. Aside from his new record, he took 1st place overall. As a result of

Is FPU Haunted? These scary stories indicate that might be the case!


Secret underground tunnels, a rapture, a strange pastor, and an exorcism at FPU! Among the FPU community, there are bold squirrels that refuse to let you walk past them, abnormally large owls that stare for a little too long, and noises that go “tik-tik” and “tap-tap” late at night. These phenomena make FPU pretty unsettling.

COVID-19 on Campus


Procedures in Place at Fresno Pacific University With COVID-19 still around, there may be concerns that you might have about being back on campus. For many, it is scary, but Fresno Pacific University is doing a lot to ensure the safety of its students, staff, and faculty. So, you can be on campus and feel

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