Casa Pacifica lost to Creek Fire

Discover the rise and fall of the FPU-owned retreat cabin A crumbling fireplace amidst soot and rubble: this is all that remains

EPs in quarantine

Artists release new music 2020 has been a year many wish would start over. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced many people

Logged in – Checked out

How to participate in online class when you aren’t mentally present The last few months have seen a great change in the

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    Embracing true diversity is important, because this is how we make room for many different perspectives and approaches. This happens best in


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EPs in quarantine

Artists release new music 2020 has been a year many wish would start over. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced many people

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  • The struggle of bringing the birdcage on the road Students at Fresno Pacific University as well as student athletes are being deprived

  • Shoes aren’t just for kicks, they are a form of self-expression In the world of athletics, there has been a subculture that



Quaranmeme: Top memes about being quarantined


Sheltering in place and remaining in quarantine at home is the new normal for most people in society. Due to this new lifestyle, our trendy culture has begun to create memes about being quarantined. Here are some of our favorite memes about being quarantined. Despite all these funny memes about being stuck at home in

Cleaned out by COVID


Nature’s reclaiming of public spaces in a quarantined world Living on-campus during the first few months of quarantine made me privy to an experience that others like me may find familiar: walking through the coffee shop, the green, and the forest and seeing no one there. I imagine that this is a far from uncommon

How to get through a birthday in quarantine


Party for one, anyone? While we are all struggling to cope with our new virtual reality, for those who are trying to celebrate their birthdays, it can be a bit of a struggle. Although it is easy to pinpoint everything you are missing out on this birthday, it is best to find the positive and



Hulu Edition For those who love to binge watch, it is common to get bored on one streaming service once you have seen everything and move on to the next. However, there are people who do not have access to the other streaming services we have written about. Therefore, we thought we would share our

Stay fit while staying safe


How to stay in shape during the quarantine We are facing so many changes right now. Our current situation has left us unable to leave our homes unless we need essential services. This poses concerns for our health and well-being because we aren’t able to stay as active as we may have been before. Sports

Local restaurants to support during shelter in place


15 Local Restaurants to Visit  Due to the shelter in place, restaurants have been instructed to close dining in and only have takeout orders. However, this doesn’t mean we have to stop supporting local restaurants in our local area. Below is a list of 15 of The Syrinx staff’s top choices for their favorite local

Zooming with the Sunbirds


Students are waking up and getting ready for class, in front of their webcams. This is the new normal for us. Since classes have moved to Zoom, students have had to adjust to this change in learning. While it has allowed classes to meet without risk of spreading the virus, it has also drastically altered

Lent for the Layman


How both spiritual and non-spiritual people can benefit from Lenten observance Lent is a common practice in our society due to us being founded and established on Judeo-Christian values. As a Christian campus, there are many students who partake in this practice, for religious reasons and health reasons. But what is Lent?  No matter our

Have Game – Won’t Travel


Games to play online with friends and family while social distancing While sheltering in place to curtail the spread of the Corona virus, many of us are unable to stay in contact with friends and family as much as we’d like. Thankfully there are conversations to be had by phone call, texting and over webcam.

Easy Recipes and Tips for a Tastier Shut-In


Kitchen One-Pot Recipes One of our many challenges during this shelter-in-place is our meal situation. We have all been probably stocking up on the staples for our pantry. We don’t want to sacrifice how we eat, but we know we need to make smart decisions while we shop.There are a few tips we can use

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