Megan Fox and MGK Engagement

A Painful Wedding Ring or Biased Media Perception?

In a recent Vogue article, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) announced their engagement. The couple sparked controversy when MGK brought up the design of the engagement ring. When describing the ring, MGK stated that the ring had thorns in it, in order to connect the gemstone and diamond together. These thorns, he said, would hurt Megan Fox if she tried to take the ring off.  

When the media heard of this, news sites and channels like CleverNews, discussed the debate the engagement ring caused. For example, many expressed the idea that their relationship was a toxic one, as a result of MGK’s decision to inflict pain on Megan if she ever tried to take the ring off. In addition, others expressed the fact that MGK came across as possessive and controlling by choosing such a design. However, alongside these concerns, others have expressed the possibility of it all being a joke taken too seriously. 

So, was this all a joke? In a recent video, professional goldsmith Jordan Mantzke discussed the engagement ring and concluded that it was likely a publicity stunt. Being a goldsmith, he was intrigued by the idea that a ring could inflict pain when taking it off, but not when putting it on or simply wearing it. In his mind, the only explanation he could come up with was a design similar to parking lot spikes. Ultimately, though, he concluded that this design would be too far-fetched and opted to do more research on the ring.

 Upon doing more research, Mantzke found a blog post about the ring, which was posted by the man that designed it. In this blog post, he found several pictures of the ring from different angles. The most important one, however, was the one that showcased the inside of the ring and the pieces separated from each other. From this image, he noted that a thorn design was visible, but the thorn was clearly connected to the base of the emerald. This meant that while a thorn did exist, it was unable to cause Megan Fox any pain since it was attached completely. Therefore, while MGK claimed, whether joking or not, that the ring was painful to remove, professionals like Jordan Mantzke conclude the ring is likely not “booby-trapped.”

Written by: Saraleim Mosqueda Saldana

Graphic by: Liza Larabee

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