Keep your head up

How to stay positive in trying times

Remaining positive in the midst of a storm is a choice that is not easy or simple to make, but it is important. Currently, people are trying to balance the unpredictable forces that have brought so much change to their lives and navigate through an overwhelming feeling of confusion and surrealism. 

One way to remain positive is to know that we are not alone in this journey. It is not one that we asked for or even thought as a possibility a few weeks ago, but we are here. We can take comfort in knowing that our entire community is going through this together.

Remember, you are not alone in this and grace is a wonderful gift to bestow upon yourself. 

Grace is a key concept that people should keep in mind during this time of trying to remain positive in the midst of uncertainty. Giving oneself grace is extremely empowering. This means allowing yourself to take what you are experiencing during this time of quarantine and feel it. Grace is a safe space. It can be difficult to give yourself that luxury, but it can yield wonderful results. There are going to be times where we may not feel fulfilled in our current situation and that’s okay. Grace is giving yourself the gift of knowing it’s okay not to be okay. If anything comes from keeping your head up, it’s giving yourself grace. 

FPU recognizes that this is far from the ideal community atmosphere and they have made many strides to keep up school pride. They have decided to have a live stream every weekday at noon with various students and faculty doing different things. For example, the other day Hannah Weaver took viewers on a fun-filled “hike” in her own backyard. It’s a great attempt at keeping students engaged within the community and with one another. The Instagram page is FPU Life. 

In terms of things you can do to remain positive I recommend bringing a little happiness to your life, whatever that means for you. For me that’s warming my onesie in the dryer and eating some ice cream. Maybe it can be playing some video games, watching a rom-com or completing a craft. Whatever your preference is, just do something that can bring a little light to your day. It’s the little things that can bring the biggest smiles!

There may not be much to do inside during quarantine but at the end of the day it’s what you make of it. Take this time to be productive and finish those assignments you’ve been putting off. Use it as time to binge watch Disney+ and revisit your childhood. Make this time into something good by using it to your advantage! Remember, you are not alone in this and grace is a wonderful gift to bestow upon yourself. 

Author: Dani Mercado

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