JeffreeStar x ShaneDawson Conspiracy Collection surpasses records

In less than a week over 1.1 million palettes sold amid technical difficulties, release-day drama 

On October 1st, Shane Dawson once again took to YouTube to create yet another series with Jeffree Star. With past series including features of other pop culture figures like Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, this series, entitled “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” set out to highlight elements of the beauty/makeup community that have been kept under wraps from consumers.

Including topics like cost of production, upcharging, and the ways big companies have taken advantage of consumers and collaborators, it was evident after the first episode that this series would be far different than Dawson’s previous work. While elements of Star’s life and career had been present in the series, the focus became more about what goes into making and selling makeup and what the consumer doesn’t always see.

On November 6th, Star announced on Instagram that, to date, over 1.1 million palettes had been sold.

Dawson, an individual with little to no experience with makeup or the community around it, set out for a large task: to learn the ins and outs of the beauty community by producing his own makeup line in collaboration with Star’s cosmetic company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

The seven-part series (and counting), which was pre-filmed over the course of a year, covers everything from the first pitch meeting of Dawson’s collection to design elements, creation of colors, color names, merchandise, etc. 

Although the series was well received by fans, moving to the #1 trending video on YouTube after every release of an episode, no one was prepared for the pandemonium that ensued on November 1st, the day the “Conspiracy Collection” was released worldwide. The palette was set to be available at select locations including Morphe stores across the country, and select websites including and 

Those who opted to purchase online were faced with a series of technical difficulties upon the collection’s release at 10am. Before a minute had passed, the entire website crashed and most fans were at a standstill, unable to even get to the products page. For those who were able to view the products, the products couldn’t be moved into the cart and checkout couldn’t be completed.

After these technical difficulties became the number-one trending topic, Star took to Twitter and Instagram to update frustrated fans about what exactly was causing the website to glitch so significantly. “You guys CRASHED the site! … Working on getting everything back up!!!” Star wrote. 

He later took to Instagram stories, saying, “Thousands of people are being checked out every 30 seconds, but it still isn’t fast enough to accommodate everyone.”

Due to the amount of traffic on the site, some products weren’t able to post with the other products at 10am, and weren’t posted until later that afternoon. Despite the technical difficulties, every unit of the Conspiracy Collection sold out online in under five hours (this includes the time the website was down and purchases were unable to be completed).

Meanwhile, on store fronts, the chaos was exactly what you would expect. Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to share posts of the lines at Morphe stores all throughout the United States. In some cases, these lines were miles long. Knowing the product was in such high demand led many to camp out overnight in front of stores, waiting as little as two hours or as long as 14.

The Fresno Morphe store experienced the same amount of chaos. Beginning at the Ulta, the line went past multiple store fronts, extending for roughly half of a mile. This led to the arrival of many mall security officers, who rushed outside to manage and maintain the lines in an attempt to avoid fire hazards.

By 2pm, the collection in its entirety had sold out. Dawson took to Instagram, saying, “I can’t believe it. Everything in the Conspiracy Collection sold out. I can’t believe how supportive you guys have been through this. I genuinely can’t put into words how overwhelmed I’m feeling. We’re internet dinosaurs and the fact that you guys are still there for us is insane.”

On November 6th, Star announced on Instagram that, to date, over 1.1 million palettes had been sold. Star and Dawson plan to continue this collaboration as a permanent collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And for those who were unable to buy products from the collection before they sold out, no need to worry! The pair has made an official announcement that upcoming restocks are planned for release in early 2020. 

The series will continue on Dawson’s YouTube channel, with upcoming episodes covering release-day drama and more information about the future of this collaboration.

Abigail Brown | Editor-in-Chief

Shyanne Mortimer | Staff Writer

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