Is FPU Haunted? These scary stories indicate that might be the case!

Secret underground tunnels, a rapture, a strange pastor, and an exorcism at FPU!

Among the FPU community, there are bold squirrels that refuse to let you walk past them, abnormally large owls that stare for a little too long, and noises that go “tik-tik” and “tap-tap” late at night. These phenomena make FPU pretty unsettling. Besides housing creepy animals and buildings that make strange noises late at night, FPU is possibly home to secret tunnels under its buildings, a rapture, a strange pastor, and an exorcism! Now, rumor has it that there might be some secret tunnels underneath FPU. This rumor is one that Greg Camp will neither confirm nor deny; however, he does recommend for one to pay special attention to the closets and floors of buildings, especially Marpeck.  

Besides being a possible witness to secret underground tunnels, Greg Camp has also heard of another unsettling event that took place at FPU. Years before he, himself, attended the university, a student made the terrible mistake of falling asleep during class. In this particular class, the professor was discussing the rapture. In retaliation for the sleeping student, the professor had his students walk out of class to hide from their sleeping classmate. The result? The sleeping student woke up all alone, with his classmates nowhere to be found. This was just moments after hearing his professor discuss the rapture! Terrified and worried that the rapture took place and left him behind, this student learned to never fall asleep in class ever again!

In addition to FPU being the place in which a supposed rapture took place, it was once a home to an eccentric pastor. This pastor believed the university was haunted and filled with demons. People would often see him walking around the campus, with a group of students following behind. They walked around, day and night, to bless the university in attempts to cast out the demons. Given the fact that students still report odd noises in basements, like the one under the seminary building, his blessings may not have worked. 

What is the most unsettling phenomenon at FPU? A possible haunting took place at Krauce 1. A few years ago, Matthew Wilfong and Shawn Smith lived in Krauce 1. One night, Shawn’s dog began to randomly bark at the room he stayed in. His dog had previously expressed aggression towards this room, but this night, it was much worse. In addition to the dog aggressively barking, it also seemed to be agitated and scared. Seeing this, Shawn and Matthew began to worry that something paranormal might be occurring. 

These fears were further confirmed by something Matthew remembered that Shawn had told him – a student used to live in that room. After getting a new girlfriend, this student began to act out of character. He would avoid his friends, and he even began to stay awake at night holding a sword. After the students left, a pastor found some satanic stuff, which led him to make the decision to perform an exorcism on the place. This exorcism was performed along with some prayers, but after Matthew’s experience, he is convinced something is still wrong.

Author: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana | A&E Editor

Graphic by: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana

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