How to get through a birthday in quarantine

Party for one, anyone? While we are all struggling to cope with our new virtual reality, for those who are trying to celebrate their birthdays, it can be a bit of a struggle. Although it is easy to pinpoint everything you are missing out on this birthday, it is best to find the positive and focus on that. In the past it was easy to get lost in our typical fast-paced life, stressing about seeing everyone we care about, having the perfect outfit, dinner plans and so much more, that we often forgot to take in the little things. As this is a year no one will ever forget, here are 5 ideas to have a memorable birthday, even in quarantine. 

  1. Use technology to your advantage! In today’s modern society we are extremely fortunate to have technology that allows us to easily communicate with one another. With apps such as Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype and Facetime, it is still possible to see your loved ones on your birthday no matter the distance. An additional bonus is that the apps are all free. For those who are crafty or just simply bored, go onto Canva, a free online design website, and create your own birthday invitation containing directions for when your meeting will begin. Invitations are an easy and fun way to invite your favorite people to join you online!
  2. For those who are now back at home, this one’s for you: a themed dinner night! As it is your birthday, pick a theme and have your family come dressed to dinner as this theme! Not only does it allow you to have a nice family dinner, but hopefully leaves everyone laughing as well. Afterwards break out your favorite board games and keep the themed night going!
  3. If a virtual party is not enough for you, then a car parade may be your best friend! For those who have cars and follow the social distance rules, car parades are an excellent idea to see your friends safely! Have your friends drive separately (this is important), meet at a location that is not your house at an agreed upon time, and once everyone is there, drive to your house singing happy birthday once you can see them! If you really want to kick it up a notch, decorate your car, but don’t forget your mask!
  4. Missing the outdoors? Then try having an at-home camp out. Although the outdoors are closed, your back yard and living room are not! Nothing screams nostalgia quite like forts, blankets, movies and junk food. This is a great way to get your family involved and taking a trip down memory lane. Another great addition is downloading Netflix Party! Netflix Party is an app that allows you to share-screen Netflix with your friends at home so that you can watch together! Family, friends and glamping? What’s better than that!
  5. Lastly, while we wish we were with our friends, we sometimes forget that we should use this time to do what we want to do, and what’s a better day to have a personal day than one’s birthday? Take this day to do what you want to do! Whether you decide to bake your own birthday cake, make Tik-Toks, have a spa day, play video games or read, it’s all up to you! Remember, you only have a birthday one day a year!

Although a quarantine birthday is not what anyone had in mind as we entered 2020, there are still ways to make this a birthday you won’t forget. In these times it is simplicity, good family and friends that remind us of how fortunate we truly are.

Author: Shyanne Mortimer

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