How do you celebrate Easter?

Egg hunts and Easter traditions shared by Fresno Pacific students, A focus on food, family, and faith

The fun of a good Easter egg hunt almost always makes the work of putting on itchy Sunday Church clothes worth it. Whether you are finding shiny, aluminum-wrapped chocolate eggs or dollar bills stuffed in plastic shells, the thrill of rooting around in the grass, searching for Easter treasure is just one aspect of the holiday that makes it so special. Several students share their egg-hunting stories – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Maddy Ward, a sophomore at Fresno Pacific, shares her family’s version of Easter. “My family religiously color-coded Easter eggs, even themed them to hobbies or favorite animals for each child in the family so everyone had the same number of eggs, but each egg was special. They also hid the older kid’s eggs in much harder places to make the whole hunt more fun,” Ward said.

Michelle Salazar, a freshman (and future teacher), gave voice to the many traditions her family has. “Sometimes my family and I take a trip to the beach and spend Easter there. Then, we usually come home and crack Easter eggs on our heads,” Salazar said. Michelle paused to laugh. “My little brother and I decorate them and fill them with confetti and flour,” Salazar said. However, as the world changed, and family trips across the globe were called off, Michelle’s family traditions endured, going to the beach was not possible, but Easter remained an important celebration of family, food, and fun. 

Candelaria Sanchez also touched on the difficulty of celebrating during COVID. “Because of Coronavirus, I haven’t celebrated Easter with my family in over two years. Typically, we all gather to eat and hide eggs in the park – all of the cousins, grandkids, and anyone brave enough to join, compete to find the golden egg. It can get vicious,” Sanchez said.

This Easter, there is so much to be thankful for, and in honor of the holiday, an appreciation for new beginnings encourages us all to go out and look for the blessings in life. 

Written By: Cailey Lessel | Opinion’s Editor

Graphic By: Cailey Lessel

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