Have we forgotten the true meaning of Easter?

The easter bunny and candy have taken over this Biblical holiday.

Do you celebrate Easter? If you do, do you celebrate with bucket loads of chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats, or do you attend a church service with your family? Perhaps you are like me when I was younger, and celebrate by going to church in the morning and then having an Easter egg hunt afterwards? No matter how you celebrate, Easter Sunday is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Western world. 

Growing up, my family always held Easter egg hunts for the kids. I remember running as fast as my little legs could carry me to gather as many as I could. My goal wasn’t just to find regular candy eggs, but to find the golden ones that had money in them. I also couldn’t wait to open the Easter baskets my grandma would always make for me. 

However, I also remember my parents sitting my sister and I down to tell us the real meaning behind Easter and our celebration of Resurrection Sunday. We were taught that this day was a celebration and reflection of God’s greatest gift to humanity—Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion three days prior. This day shaped the very basis of the Christian religion. Jesus’ resurrection is what gives life meaning; it gives us hope that one day we can enter heaven’s gates and live with God for all eternity, if we choose to surrender our lives to him. 

Whether or not you believe this is true, it is the real meaning behind Easter. Like Christmas, Easter has become a secular holiday and is now celebrated by believers and non-believers around the globe. The Easter bunny has become the mascot for this holiday, bringing baskets of candy and toys to children. 

Is it wrong to celebrate the Easter bunny coming to town with candy and Easter egg hunts? Not at all, but we must also remember this holiday’s Biblical significance. All too often we get caught up in the things of this world and lose sight of truth. That truth, during Easter, is Jesus’ resurrection. As we enter the Easter season, even if you choose to do an egg hunt or dye hard-boiled eggs, please don’t forget to place Jesus at the heart of your celebrations. While the Easter bunny may come bearing chocolate bunnies, 2,000 years ago Jesus died bearing our sins to offer us eternal life.

Author: Katarina Quintana | Opinions Editor

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