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Games to play online with friends and family while social distancing

While sheltering in place to curtail the spread of the Corona virus, many of us are unable to stay in contact with friends and family as much as we’d like. Thankfully there are conversations to be had by phone call, texting and over webcam. However, sometimes there’s not much to talk about and those conversations just don’t end up happening. What’s a potential solution for this problem? Video games! People often interact best while doing a mutual task together. That’s why online video games can be a great way to connect with your pals and loved ones, hanging out while doing something together. Aside from just being a blast, video games also offer a great way to make some memories and stay in touch. 

In case you’re new to video games or just might be looking for some ideas, we’ve got a convenient little list here for you to check out. Some count as full-fledged “video games” while others are just apps, and not all of them are of the same quality or price. What do they have in common? They can all be played with friends and family online while you stay safe at home.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone

-Platforms: (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

-ESRB Rating: Mature 17+

-Price: Free

Call of Duty returns with a free game mode (Warzone) accompanying Modern Warfare. This is their second Battle Royale style of online multiplayer, the first being only available with Black Ops III. Warzone joins PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends in today’s lineup of popular Battle Royale games. Warzone is completely free to play and offers crossplay via Activision account with PS4, Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC.

Imagine Games Network (better known as IGN), a popular video game-related media website and news source, gives Warzone a rating of 7/10.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

-Platform: Nintendo Switch 

-4 players local co-op on the same system and online multiplayer with additional game copies and systems

-Price: $59.99

What’s not to love about living in a village populated with cute, friendly anthropomorphic animals? That’s the question Animal Crossing asks and apparently it really hits the spot for some people. Animal Crossing games are very fun and relaxing if you enjoy fishing, cutting down trees and running small errands while customizing your house and more. This particular Animal Crossing game was just released a little over a week ago and takes place on your own personal island. Non-local online play requires a Nintendo Online subscription.

IGN Rating: 9/10

IGN has a great YouTube video that explains how to join your friends on Animal Crossing: New Horizons or invite them to your Island! (Here’s the link).

Space Team

-Platform: Smart phone (available on the App Store and Google Play)

-Play with people in the room with you or online with Bunch


An enjoyably stressful game, Space Team can be played by downloading the app then making at least one other person download the app. Then, shout directions at each other and push buttons and levers to keep your spaceship working and your team alive. 

You can also play while video chatting with friends or family outside the home by downloading another app called Bunch

No IGN rating

Brawl Stars

-Platform: Smart phone (available on App Store and Google Play)

-Play with friends in person or with those farther away online


Brawl Stars is a team battle game played from a top-down perspective that is about as action packed as possible. It has a cute and cartoony look to it that is coupled with a fun and rewarding gameplay loop. Unlock new characters with unique abilities and strategize with your friends, or skip that part and just run into the fray, Leeroy Jenkins style.

This game also supports playing while talking with friends via the Bunch app!

No IGN rating


-Platform: PC   

-Co-op (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) 


Runescape is a game where you continuously level up your character in an effort to go on towards bigger quests that often involve fighting monsters and using magic. The game can be played with friends and teammates or against friends in duels and castle siege-type games. You can level up your character skills all the way up to level 99, and as you level up you should be seeking to make money at the same time. Money in the game can buy your character new armor, weapons, houses and much more. Speaking of money, this game is also completely free to play. Runescape is available as an app on some devices but is mostly played as a PC game. 

This game involves a lot of interaction with random players. Always exercise caution with your personal information when playing multiplayer games online.

No IGN rating

NBA 2K20

-Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

-Local Co-op (shared screen) on some platforms and online multiplayer

-$29.99 – $59.99

Looking to turn virtual sports into a reality? NBA 2K20 offers a simulation experience like no other. You can customize a basketball player and be drafted to different teams in which you will work on different skills and play various games against other top-rated basketball teams. If you don’t have enough time on your hands, don’t worry! You can also play quick games where you can pick a team and play against your friends instead of going through a campaign. 

IGN Rating: 7.8/10

League Of Legends

-Platform: PC

-Online Multiplayer


League of legends is a competition-based strategy game that utilizes three lanes. You have choices as to which champion to play and which lane you are choosing to defend. The main goal of the game is to push the lanes, forcing your way into the enemies’ territory and destroying their base. While this is going on you have opportunities to fight dragons and a monster called Baron in attempts to level up the whole team. The goal is to strategize in the best way possible while helping your team. The stronger you are as a team, the faster you can dominate the playing field and lanes.

IGN Rating: 8/10

Authors: Timothy Myracle and Austin Noronha

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