Great Self-Care Apps and Their Features

Meditation, reminder, and relaxing video game apps!

Do you need help with managing your stress? The following apps can help you meditate, remind you to take care of your physical needs, and help you relax!

Meditating Apps

Meditating can be a great way to fall asleep easier, especially on those days when your stress levels are high. These apps offer some great ways to relax and much more!

  • Sleep Sounds: This app involves white noise, which can be used for meditating or falling asleep. The best part? The app displays a wide range of sounds that can be customized to your preference! One example is the rain sound, which features various nature-like sounds such as animals, thunder, and can also make rain sounds on various surfaces!
  • Let’s Meditate: This app is a great tool for those that want to use meditation for more than one purpose! Besides featuring videos that can help you fall asleep or relax, this app offers lessons that help improve well-being. This means that the app can walk you through mediations that encourage you to set up healthy boundaries, reduce overthinking, focus on gratitude, and gain confidence.
  • Smiling Mind: This app brings you meditations and mindfulness exercises. There are programs within the app that target whatever you are missing or need at the moment. Whether you need help starting your day right, or need help winding down, this app has you covered. A great bonus is the different age categories, so if you have a child or a younger sibling, you can help them relax as well!

Reminder Apps

Do you forget to drink enough water, or eat, when under great amounts of stress? If not, do you forget to take necessary breaks from your screens? If either of these are the case, these apps can ensure that you are taking care of your health!

  • Plant Nanny: Many people struggle with drinking enough water, so this app is especially useful for those that forget. By giving you a plant to take care of, this app encourages you to drink water to help it thrive. In other words, you are providing yourself the amount of water you need when you water your plant!
  • EatWise-Meal Reminder: This app is a great tool for those that often forget to eat. With this app, you can choose how many meals you would like to have, what time you would like to eat, and how many reminders you would like to receive. Even better, you can always change your plan!
  •  Eye Rest Reminder: This app reminds you to watch your screen time and rest your eyes. Let us face it; most of us can get lost on our screens, which is not healthy for our eyes. The “Eye Rest Reminder” app has features that include intervals, break reminders, and exercises for your eyes!

Relaxing Video Games

Video games are a fun way to wind down after a stressful day. In particular, video games that lack risks can be a great way to relax without worrying about failing something!

  • Clouds & Sheep: Do you enjoy taking care of animals? If so, this app is perfect for you! With this app, you can focus on growing your sheep and taking care of their needs. One of the best features of this app is that nothing occurs if you are not on it.  This means that your sheep will be in the same state you left them in, even after a few days of inactivity!
  •  I love Hue: A colorful app that helps you relax by puzzling together color hues. It has many different shades of colors that are nice to look at. The relaxation comes from putting the different colors together in order.
  • Viridi: A stimulation app where you can take care of your very own succulents! You get to choose your own pot and plants! Your plant is meant to be treated like a real succulent so you must water it and be careful not to overwater it. The best part, though, is that it will not die as easily as a real succulent, so you do not have to stress about it.

Written by: Saraleim Mozqueda Saldana| Editor

Alicia Garcia | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Alicia Garcia

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