Go-to Morning Drinks…

What’s yours?

We all have our own way of getting our day started. For some of us, that requires our go-to morning drinks. It is often said that many cannot get their day started without an iced coffee, but that is not the case for everyone. We asked some fellow Sunbirds “What is your go-to drink in the morning?” Below is what they said:

“Protein Shake, one banana, 2 scoops of protein” Jesse Franco said. 

“Water” David Simon said. 

“3 shots of Espresso straight-up” Maesyn Rix said. 

“Um I honestly forget to drink things” Hope Erwin said. 

“Water. I don’t drink coffee” Ayden Merrihew said. 

“Water or Chocolate Milk. That’s my go-to.” Alejandro Mendibles said. 

“If I workout then pre-workout and if not then tea” Anastassiya Barakhoyeva said. 

“Iced chai with soy milk” Mel Munoz said. 

“Water first then an energy drink” Sophie Underwood said. 

“Water” Ciana Rivera said. 

“Water” Amaia Rivera said. 

“Water if I have practice, if not a simple coffee” Tori De Leon said. 

“Water” Vanessa Cochrane said. 

“Water” Nayeli Flores said. 

Based on the majority of their answers, water is the most popular go-to drink to start their day! No one can ever go wrong with a classic cup of water.

Written by: Alicia Garcia | Staff Writer and Julissa Mercado | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Julissa Mercado

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