FPU’s Animal Community

Who are our furry friends?

If you have been on campus, you have probably seen the large community of animals that claim FPU as their home. Many students have stories and encounters to share about these animals (some are better experiences than others!). The largest population of furry friends can be found almost everywhere on campus, and they are the squirrels! They are friendly, cute, and they frequently greet anyone walking by our campus greenery. They typically mind their own business and do not cause much of a scene. The squirrels on campus can also be found on Instagram. They have an Instagram page where anyone can submit pictures of them! Check it out @FPUsquirrels! Our campus’s animal community is more than squirrels, though! There have been multiple sightings of racoons and opossums that lurk near the sides of buildings and only come out at night. Senior resident, Stephanie Fernandez-Magallon, told the Syrinx about her encounter with a raccoon during her night shift at the library.

“A janitor told me about a raccoon being outside of the library, so I went towards the sliding doors and that’s when I saw him. A racoon standing on its two hind legs looking at me through the glass,” Fernandez-Magallon said.

Fernandez-Magallon described it as friendly, small, and “human-like.” It was her first time seeing a racoon up close, and she was able to take a picture before the raccoon took off. Another senior resident, Brianna Martinez, shared with the Syrinx many stories she has heard from other students about their own, not so friendly, encounters with FPU’S raccoons and opossums.

“I’ve heard people have been chased during the night into Charlotte’s Corner by raccoons and also about people being bit while trying to feed them. I’ve also had my own share of experiences. There’s a possum that lurks outside of my house and I see him all the time,” Brianna Martinez said.

Martinez does not seem to mind the presence of them. I, myself, have also had encounters with animals on campus. In fact, I look forward to the walks back to my house because I see friendly cats wandering through the Heaton and Townsend houses. They walk up to me and look happy to receive any pets I can give them. I am positive there are many more animals living among us, including foxes! If you, or anyone you know, have had any encounters with animals on campus, feel free to email the Syrinx for a chance to be featured in a story.

By: Valerie Claustro|Staff Writer

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