Embarrassing Zoom Moments

FPU students discuss their most humiliating Zoom stories

We all know that online learning hasn’t been the easiest, and we’ve had to overcome many challenges, including those that come with classes being on Zoom. This new world has opened up many new opportunities for students to embarrass themselves. A few FPU students were graciously willing to share their interesting Zoom experiences with us.

We haven’t had to actually get ourselves ready in the mornings, if we don’t feel like it. We can roll out of bed five minutes before class starts and be just fine… probably.

“8:00 am classes over Zoom can be pretty brutal sometimes, and there was one morning in particular when I was especially tired,” stated junior Roman Endicott. “I decided it was a good idea to turn my camera off and ‘rest my eyes’ for a bit. The next thing I knew I woke up and class had been over for a few minutes already, so I was the only student left in the meeting. And not only that, but this professor always stays for questions after class, so he was still there waiting for me to ask a question! I was so embarrassed that I just left without saying anything. I couldn’t bring myself to explain that I had slept through the entirety of the lecture and had only just woken up.”

Another student had a similar experience sleeping during class.

“Once in Bio class I was falling asleep because I was completely exhausted, and this was an 8 am class,” said sophomore Samuel Arballo. “My eyes opened and closed, and I was like almost falling out of my chair, that’s how tired I was.” Arballo confirmed that he was so tired he doesn’t even remember if his camera was on or not. 

Yet another student “rested their eyes” a bit too long. 

“One day I was extremely tired, so I fell asleep in the second half of my psychology class,” explained freshman Gisselle Perez. “I woke up to my teacher asking me if I was ok because class had already ended, and I still hadn’t left the meeting. I just said, ‘Yes, sorry, connection issues.’”

Maybe nothing that embarrassing has happened to you, but maybe you have felt awkward taking a sip of your coffee or eating a snack on camera. 

“I like to eat during class: snacks, sometimes lunch,” stated freshman Brandi Aguilera. “So I guess my Zoom classmates, in classes where we have to have our camera on, have probably seen me pig out on my food.”

Instead of falling asleep in class, some students have instead left their microphones on by accident and shared some things they would rather have not with the rest of the class.

“At the beginning of my history class, my mic would always be on,” explained freshman Cinthia Lara. “When I was logging in, my cousins decided it was a good time to play fight (screaming and running) around the living room where I was in class. Everyone heard them fighting and singing for a good couple of minutes. It was scary because I never had my mic on.”

We all know what it’s like to get excited after receiving a good grade on a test, but this next student might have celebrated a tad too early.

“I had just gotten done with my final speech for my oral communications class,” said freshman Nathaniel Medina. “After my professor and classmates gave me their final thoughts on it, I checked my grade for the speech and saw that I got an A on it. With that being my first A on the speech, I jumped out of my chair and started running around my house singing ‘I’m So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters, but I forgot that I had my mic on and everyone could hear me singing and running.”

Have you had an embarrassing Zoom moment this year? If you have, you are not alone—don’t be hard on yourself. I encourage you to learn to laugh at your mistakes. Zoom has given us many challenges this year, but also many funny stories and laughs.

Author: Katarina Quintana | Opinions Editor

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