Doors or Wheels?

Have you ever wondered if there were more doors or more wheels in the world? The thought seems interesting, as it is something to really think about. This random thought was brought up when a viral post on Twitter was posted by a group of friends who were said to be having a “pointless” debate on whether there were more doors or wheels in the world. The thought sparked a worldwide debate on the Twitter post, leaving  many people to provide their opinions and points as to why they chose doors or wheels. Polls were made and counted votes on what people chose and the explanation behind their choice. While the topic is trending, FPU students and professors were asked the same question on whether they believe there are more doors or  wheels in the world and their explanation for why they chose that answer. Here are some of the responses from students and professors that were interviewed.

Do you believe there are more doors or wheels in the world? Explain why.

Cullin Bates, Sophomore

“There are more wheels because wheels come in bigger quantities than doors. such as the number of roller chairs and they have at least 4 wheels per chair. Also on roller coasters the wheels are used to operate the ride.”

Toby Bartlett, Senior

“I think that there are more wheels than doors. This is the case because the world would cease to function without Wheels, while without doors, not much would change. Based on this fact alone, the world needs more Wheels than doors to keep going.”

Professor Randall Fowler, Communication Studies

“It’s all about how we define a door, Cause if we’re talking about beads when you walk through something or curtains if those count as that would be a whole lot to consider. I don’t know though I honestly might be team wheels as you have four wheels on every car and eight-teen wheels on an with-teen wheeler. So there’s a whole lot there you have to deal with and think about as well. But I think overall I’m going to have to go with team wheels on this one.”

Professor Rick De La Pena, Marketing

“I’m gonna say there’s more wheels than doors as the wheel is a basic component to basic transportation. So I think there’s a lot more objects out there with wheels on them than doors. That’s my rationale as I believe there are more wheels as well. With wheels we aren’t really defining what counts as a wheel.  There’s all kinds of wheels like in cars but there’s also wheels in different kinds of machines and stuff like that. It all depends on how you define a “wheel.” That’s what ultimately comes down too. But I will go with team wheels for sure.”

Written by: Casey Watkins

Graphic by: Casey Watkins

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