Disney Will Charge Extra to Stream “Mulan” on Disney Plus

This one is for all you Disney fans. Last year, Disney announced that it would be releasing a live action version of the classic animated movie “Mulan.” If you aren’t familiar with the original film, it’s about a young, fearless woman who risks everything for her family and country; she eventually becomes one of the greatest warriors China has ever known. The live action version  will be rated PG-13 because of violent sequences; the original was rated G. The set date for the movie’s release was March 9, 2020, but after the coronavirus hit Disney had to postpone the release date not once, but three times.  

         After being postponed for 6 months, Disney finally announced at the beginning of August that it was going to release the film on September 4 for streaming services. However, while they are releasing it on Disney Plus, subscribers will not get to watch it for free on their accounts like many other films. In order to watch the live action “Mulan,” subscribers will have to pay an additional $29.99 on top of their existing monthly subscription.  

         They call this “Premier Access.” According to CNet, this means that you are able to watch the film online but at a higher than typical price compared to other Disney Plus subscribers. Cnet confirmed online that once the film is purchased, it is yours for the keeping and you can continue to watch it as many times as you would like. If someone doesn’t have a subscription there is no need to worry, because the film is going to be released on other streaming services such as Apple, Google and Roku. 

         The question remains: is Disney doing this to see if they can make a profit off the movie even though it wasn’t released in theaters? Variety  cites  “Trolls World Tour” as a successful example of this strategy. Universal Studios made the decision to release the film on different streaming services instead of waiting to premiere it during the spring season. Those services kept about 20% of the retail price paid in its release. For the movie “Mulan” to earn $375 million on the same system, it would have to be rented 12.5 million times. Such a number represents about 20% of all Disney Plus subscribers worldwide. 

         Eventually the movie will become one of the standard available Disney Plus films , but there is still no set date for that. If you don’t want to pay that extra $29.99, then, you’ll have to keep waiting… but it will happen. 

Author: Marisa Kaleva

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