Commuters talk about their experience traveling to campus

The tedious challenges FPU Students face to commute to campus

FPU commuter students travel to campus by driving, riding the bus, or walking. Every morning is a new adventure. If it is not the road work, it is the traffic; if it is not the bus being late, it is the long walks to class from the parking lot. 

 Knowing that Fresno has traffic all the time, it makes it harder for students to know if they will be late or not. Software Engineering major Nolan Brown prepares for busy roadways by checking maps.

  “Normally I check Apple maps on my phone to see if the streets will be quicker,” Brown said. 

Technology has come a long way if it can predict traffic, giving students the opportunity to find the fastest route to school.

Being a commuter definitely has its pros and cons. Most of us live at the comfort of our own home and have more privacy than most residents here at FPU. The unfortunate side of being a commuter is the longer days. We are college students on a budget and we do not want to pay extra gas money, so we stay at school all day in between classes, work, or other extracurricular activities. Pre-Health major, Nico Zweifel, commutes to school on a 30 minute drive. Zweifel believes being a commuter is better than being a resident, despite the hour drive.

 “I would say so. But that’s mainly because I’m a homebody. And I would suffer if I was away from my house,” Zweifel said. Thankfully, we have the commuter house, as it serves as a “home away from home.” 

The pandemic has taken some things away from us that helped make the long days feel shorter, such as hanging out with your friends in their dorms or having lunch with them in the dining hall. It has been a struggle, but it depends on individual preference. Commuters should attempt to get involved despite the pandemic and restrictions on campus! The commuter house provides many opportunities for commuters to meet others and engage in fun activities. Make the most out of your longer days by visiting the commuter house!

By: Alicia Garcia & Jesus Zamora | Staff Writers

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