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A Guide on How to Get Involved on Campus

Returning to campus after such a long hiatus has created a bit of a rift on campus life. It feels different, but for good reason. However, if you are one of those students who wants to be more active on campus, whether you commute or live on campus, perhaps joining a club can be what you need! Whether it be a club for academic purposes, or one solely based on your interests, FPU has tons of options to choose from! For these reasons, the Syrinx has decided to put together a club guide as a way to help anyone interested in joining.

Anime Club

Are you a fan of anime? Have you ever wanted to learn about the different Japanese cultural perspectives used to create some of the biggest anime? Well, Anime Club might be the place for you! Head over to their Instagram @fpuanime to find out how to get involved!

Athletes of Color Alliance (AOCA) Club

If you are a student athlete at FPU and want your voice heard on issues of social justice and community, then Athletes of Color Alliance can be a perfect fit. The club’s goal is to create a safe space for student athletes in which the athletes can collaborate on issues of social justice and other issues within the community. It helps continue the conversation on systemic racism and cultural bias by amplifying young voices of color. Check out their Instagram @fpu_aoc for more information.

Black Student Union (BSU) Club

The Black Student Union (BSU) focuses on building a strong community at FPU. The nonjudgmental setting allows for peers to voice concerns, prioritize social activism, community service, and showcase unity for students. They meet once a month, and you can follow them on Instagram  @fpu_blackstudentunion for more details.

Criminologists of FPU Club

If you are interested in becoming active in your community, or reach goals in a career of Criminal Justice, look no further. The Criminologists Club is a great place for resources and offers a welcoming environment to all students looking to get involved. You can follow them on Instagram @fpucrim for more information.

Delight Ministries Club

Delight Ministries Club’s mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered communities that foster vulnerability and transform stories. Check out their instagram @delight_fresnopacific to see more.

The Historians Club

It is said that to understand today, you must refer to yesterday. By joining the Historians Club, you can get involved in understanding our past! The club is dedicated to encouraging a global perspective through thoughtful analysis on events, both past and present. Any student who wants to further tap into perspectives on the past and present is welcome! Refer to their Instagram @fpuhistorians for more information.

Latinx Student Union Club

The Latinx Student Union Club’s mission begins with creating a safe environment for all Latinx students at FPU. They help to provide resources and services to students. They strive to help students learn, grow, and create a sense of unity through shared struggles that their community faces. Check out their Instagram @fpu_latinxstudentunion for more details. 

Math Club (starting spring 2022)

The Math Club is a future club aiming to kick off in the Spring of 2022. They are hoping to break the stigma towards math. For some, math is perceived as a scary and intimidating subject.  The Math Club hopes to show how fun and artistic math can really be. It is a welcoming environment for students curious about math, or students who want to try and overcome that fear of math in general! Take a peek at their Instagram @fpu_mathclub to keep up with FPU Math Club.

Mental Health Matters FPU Psychology Club

The mission of Mental Health Matters FPU Psychology club is to provide students with a place to connect and feel mentally supported. If you are struggling on campus, or feel like you do not have a safe space to talk, Mental Health Matters is the perfect club. They understand how hard it is to open up, which is why they offer a safe space to support one another’s mental wellbeing, as well as encourage and uplift each other. The club helps connect and support students who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally. They also learn about careers and other opportunities that the Psychology field might offer. Check out their Instagram  @mentalhealthmatters.fpu for more information.

Model United Nations (Model UN) Club

Model United Nations Club is dedicated to cultivating forums on various international issues. The productive method helps the goal of developing multi-faceted solutions through diplomacy. They provide an environment for anyone interested in furthering their public speaking skills, learning to connect with professionals, and how to think critically about the world around them. If this sounds like something you might be into, check them out on Instagram @fpumun.

Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Health Club’s mission is to provide pre-health students with out-of-the-classroom opportunities, experiences, and mentorships applicable to their major and career goals.

Are you interested in pre-health? Do you want to receive opportunities outside of the classroom, gain experience and mentorship to help you in your major or career? Join Pre-Health! Refer to their Instagram @fpu_prehealth_club to keep up with Pre-Health.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy Club is motivated to help interested students gain exposure to any and all aspects of pharmacy as a career. They equip students with skills, info, and help to network in an effort to get them into pharmacy school. They strive to build lasting relationships and uplift students! Check out their Instagram @fpupre.pharmacyclub for further details.

Publication Club

The Publication Club is an excellent outlet for anyone on the FPU campus, whether it be alumni, faculty, students, or staff. It is a powerful resource that allows FPU goers the ability to publish their written or visual works. By doing this, the Publication Club seeks to celebrate the artists of FPU and also promote them in ways they, themselves, may not be able to. Some of the cool features include Green Light Journals, where the club features pieces written by FPU community members!

Shalom Club

Shalom Club is dedicated to connecting students with each other, to their food, and to their environment. They hope to achieve this by engaging in conversations and by serving their communities. The club strives to create a community for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, farming, social and environmental advocacy, or anyone looking to hangout! Club goals include educating people on ways to be more sustainable, making an effort to volunteer in their community, and providing a safe space for relationships to cultivate. Whether you are a veteran,  or just starting, Shalom Club welcomes you! See what is going on over on their Instagram @fpushalom. Also if you have questions or suggestions for an event or other things, reach out to club president, Hannah Weaver ( or second semester club president and fall semester VP, Magdalena Wenger, ( 

Students Ending Exploitation S.E.E.

Students Ending Exploitation (S.E.E.) are a collection of like-minded students from a wide variety of backgrounds. They carry a strong drive to share knowledge with our peers about human tracking in order to prevent it. Check out their Instagram @seefpu.justice for more details.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club’s mission is to provide students with opportunities in community service by giving them the chance to work with various cultural groups. Through this, they hope to empower those getting involved and shine a spotlight on the community surrounding them. If you are at all interested, you can look for further information on their Instagram  @fpusocialworkclub.

International Club

The International Club is a community of international and American students dedicated to two goals: 1) Promoting and enhancing international awareness, cooperation, cultural diversity, and 2) Encouraging dialogue among students of different nations and American students.

Whether you are an International student or an American one, the International Club seeks to build a community dedicated to shine a light on diversity. They want to promote and enhance awareness on an international level, cooperation, cultural diversity, and create a dialogue among students from different nationalities. The more students who join, the better the dialogue will be! For more info, check out their Facebook, FPU international student association.

By: Julian Alcaraz|Features Editor

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