Clare Crawley Won’t Apologize For Love

Bachelorette Clare Crawley exits the show after finding love and is replaced

This season of “The Bachelorette” was “unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in Bachelor/ette history,” in the words of Chris Harrison. 

Our bachelorette this season was 39 year-old Clare Crawley, previously the runner-up in season 18. Making history in more ways than one, Crawley had one of the most memorable seasons in history. A fan favorite, viewers around the world were excited for the oldest bachelorette to find love; however, by the end, many were in fact anxiously awaiting her exit.

Unlike any other past bachelor/ette, Crawley found love with contestant Dale Moss instantly, stating, “I definitely feel like I just met my husband” moments after meeting him for the first time. Following the process, Crawley proceeded to go on dates with the men and began creating the foundation for an intimate relationship. Eventually, the chemistry between Moss and Crawley became undeniable and every confessional signified that she had found love. 

Throughout her time on the show, Crawley had made it clear that, because of her age, she knew exactly what she wanted in a partner. Despite putting a great effort into getting to know the other men, Crawley confessed her love to Moss in the latest, and fourth, episode. Going on the show with the goal of finding love, Crawley did just that. Although the men were upset with this decision, a few of their reactions indicated their awareness of their lack of connection within their own relationship with Crawley. Despite facing pushback and a few negative comments, Crawley apologized to the men for wasting their time, but made it clear she would never apologize for love. On this note, Moss proposes to Crawley and they exit the show. The end, right? 

Not quite. 

While the couple did indeed receive their happy ending, there are still sixteen very upset, confused and hurt men left behind. In an effort to save a season only on its fourth episode, Harrison brought in a surprise bachelorette, one that the show had been signalling in prior trailers. 

The winner of this unconventional search for love is Tayshia Adams. Adams is a fan favorite, having made several appearances in the “Bachelor” series. Adams was originally a contestant on season 23, Colton Underwood’s season, back in 2019. Adams made it to third place on the season with many wishing her well and hoping love would find her soon. 

Adams didn’t have to wait long in order for the opportunity. She was invited to be a contestant on “Bachelor in Paradise”’s sixth season. Adams seemed to be having a great time, and had even found some companionship with another fan favorite, John Paul Jones from “The Bachelorette” season 16. However, this love wouldn’t last long, as the pair split after filming. 

Fans are eager to see Adams take Crawley’s place after the abrupt “ending” of the current season. Many viewers voiced their dislike for Crawley and thought her attitude of knowing exactly what she wants was distasteful. Adams, on the other hand, has a clean slate and is very well liked to boot. There is a lot of potential in the men left and she seems eager to start her journey anew. 

In the teaser trailer for the upcoming episode, it seems that Adams entirely understands the position these men are in, having been there herself multiple times. Adams voiced to Harrison her concern for the men’s feelings, and acknowledged that some of them may still be emotionally involved with Crawley. It seems that such an understanding will be necessary for Adams, as multiple men approached her on night one to voice concern about their feelings for another, no longer eligible, woman. Plenty of other contestants also shared their desire for someone new:they couldn’t really build any type of relationship with Clare due to her only having sights for Dale. 

Overall, fans are excited that the season is continuing and are very hopeful that Adams’ soon to be fiance is in that room of bachelors… Hopefully, he won’t be found as fast as Crawley’s. 

Author: Dani Mercado| A&E Editor

Author: Shyanne Mortimer| Social Media Co-Editors

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