Doors or Wheels?


Have you ever wondered if there were more doors or more wheels in the world? The thought seems interesting, as it is something to really think about. This random thought was brought up when a viral post on Twitter was posted by a group of friends who were said to be having a “pointless” debate

How do you celebrate Easter?


Egg hunts and Easter traditions shared by Fresno Pacific students, A focus on food, family, and faith The fun of a good Easter egg hunt almost always makes the work of putting on itchy Sunday Church clothes worth it. Whether you are finding shiny, aluminum-wrapped chocolate eggs or dollar bills stuffed in plastic shells, the

Go-to Morning Drinks…


What’s yours? We all have our own way of getting our day started. For some of us, that requires our go-to morning drinks. It is often said that many cannot get their day started without an iced coffee, but that is not the case for everyone. We asked some fellow Sunbirds “What is your go-to

The Struggles International Students Face at FPU


A deeper look into the college life of international students Fresno Pacific University has a large International-Student population. Several international students are athletes, so they come for an opportunity to play their sport all the while receiving an education in America. Many come to California with the anticipation and vision in their head that Fresno,

4 Reasons Why The Zombie Apocalypse Would Not Be Fun!


A short rant inspired by a text conversation! Recently, I had a conversation with a friend in which she casually mentioned that the zombie apocalypse would be fun. To be specific, she expressed that she would like to have some fun before the end. Besides saying this as if it was a completely normal opinion,

Athletes Giving Back


Athletes share their experience giving back to the community Fresno Pacific athletes have shown hard work on the field and on the court. These same athletes have shown hard work in their community as well. Fresno Pacific would like to recognize student athletes who have volunteered with their teams and given back to the community.

Continuing Marjaree’s Story


Working with Fresno Pacific students to honor the legacy of Marjeree Mason In November 2021, residents from Strasbourg 3 and Jost 4 had the opportunity to work on a service project for the Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, California. The idea for this particular service project arose from Danya Gonzalez. She had come home from

SGA Launch Party – A Bloody Good Time


SGA Period Party celebrates women on campus At the beginning of the month, I attended the Aunt Flow launch party – lovingly nicknamed the “period party” – hosted by the Student Government to celebrate the success of the Aunt Flow program here on campus.  Aunt Flow advocates for equal access to menstrual care products. At

Graduating From the Comfort of Your Home


FPU’S 2nd Virtual Commencement Ceremony As this semester wraps up, many seniors are looking forward to closing their laptops for the last time in their collegiate journey. But they may need to leave them open a few hours longer if they want to celebrate their graduation.  Fresno State University and Fresno Unified School District have

Finishing the Semester Strong


How to stay motivated and avoid burnout Are you tired of staring at a screen all day, of late night studying and of doing both over and over again? With only a short few weeks left in the semester, it is easy to lose motivation and experience burnout. This may be the most important part

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