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How to participate in online class when you aren’t mentally present The last few months have seen a great change in the lives of millions of people around the world. The everyday heroes in our communities have risen to the challenge, many of us learning about the impact of some workers we had never noticed

Sharing the FPU spirit from a distance


Engaging and encouraging media by FPU students and faculty  This article is all about featuring some of the interesting projects Fresno Pacific students and faculty have been working on. Some of the projects we’ll talk about are done independently by FPU students to engage viewers or listeners in a discussion, while others are joint efforts

Discovering the community behind FPU


Fresno Pacific prides itself in providing disability services to the community. Melinda Gunning is the director of disability access and education, and has a true passion to help students.

The bean we need (or do we?)


Although coffee is a great way to get energy to make it through college students’ busy days, there are definitely benefits and downsides to coffee.