FPU’s Animal Community


Who are our furry friends? If you have been on campus, you have probably seen the large community of animals that claim FPU as their home. Many students have stories and encounters to share about these animals (some are better experiences than others!). The largest population of furry friends can be found almost everywhere on

Clubs on Campus


A Guide on How to Get Involved on Campus Returning to campus after such a long hiatus has created a bit of a rift on campus life. It feels different, but for good reason. However, if you are one of those students who wants to be more active on campus, whether you commute or live

Filipino American History Month


What the Month Means and How FPU Plans to Honor it October 1st marks the start of Filipino American History Month. It is a month dedicated to showcase the ongoing culture, heritage, and legacy Filipinos have here in the United States, connecting those living in the Philippines and those living in the U.S. The Filipino

COVID-19 on Campus


Procedures in Place at Fresno Pacific University With COVID-19 still around, there may be concerns that you might have about being back on campus. For many, it is scary, but Fresno Pacific University is doing a lot to ensure the safety of its students, staff, and faculty. So, you can be on campus and feel

Hispanic Heritage Month


How FPU is Honoring the Celebration of Hispanic Lives September 15th marks a special day for a lot of people here at FPU. It may not seem like a day that pops out to anyone in particular, but to those with Hispanic backgrounds, it is a day that starts a month of honoring powerful Hispanic

Commuters talk about their experience traveling to campus


The tedious challenges FPU Students face to commute to campus FPU commuter students travel to campus by driving, riding the bus, or walking. Every morning is a new adventure. If it is not the road work, it is the traffic; if it is not the bus being late, it is the long walks to class

Aunt Flow is here to stay at Fresno Pacific


How the ambition of one woman is creating accessibility for those who menstruate The womens’ restrooms at Fresno Pacific are looking a little bit different this year, thanks to the efforts of current Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President, Danya Gonzalez. The Aunt Flow Project is responsible for the addition of 12 pad and tampon

Resources at Fresno Pacific Main Campus


On-Campus amenities that you might have forgotten about It has been a long time since our campus has been so full of students! Whether you’re a new or returning student, it’s easy to forget about the many on-campus amenities FPU has to offer that are here to help you be a better student. Here’s a

ALAS Has Transformed into the Intercultural Learning Center


The ILC is Creating More Opportunities on Campus The Intercultural Learning Center (ILC) is a new term on Campus.  Executive Director of Intercultural Integration and Chief Diversity Officer, Patty Salinas, says ALAS is now a Subcategory of the new term, ILC.   “The intention was always to find a way to continue providing those services through

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