Teacher Feature: Dr. Ranjan George


Dr. George’s Calling to Being an Educator Dr. Ranjan George is FPU’s associate professor of business and the undergraduate business program director. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka, until he left to India to finish high school, due to the civil war. After many moves and returning home a few times, he came

The Winning Essay!


María Eir Magnúsdóttir  Janet Calandra  COM-110A  02.13.2022  A person who should be remembered in history: Beyoncé Knowles Carter  Who should be remembered as one of the greatest in history? Beyonce Knowles Carter should be at the top of the list. Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston Texas. After singing in

Campus Upgrades


Ways FPU can improve Life on Campus One of the many great things about FPU is the size of the school. It is a smaller campus compared to some of the others in the valley, allowing students to feel a more intimate experience at school and a feeling of community. Despite the campus having a

FPU’s Move to Online


How Students Reacted to a Brief Online Experience The past two years have been a hectic time for many. Life felt normal until a sudden, global pandemic hit and forced everyone to take on a new way of life. It felt like time stood still for a lot of us. Two years of learning, some

Continuing Marjaree’s Story


Working with Fresno Pacific students to honor the legacy of Marjeree Mason In November 2021, residents from Strasbourg 3 and Jost 4 had the opportunity to work on a service project for the Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, California. The idea for this particular service project arose from Danya Gonzalez. She had come home from

Teacher Feature: Dr Chris Brownell Edition


Highlighting the Teachers of FPU FPU is home to a slew of amazing professors. Part of what makes FPU so special is the amount of work and dedication our beloved instructors put in daily to deliver their students a quality education while making them feel at home, like family. While we acknowledge and appreciate their

Change within the Communication Department


Faculty is hopeful for the future The Communication department has undergone many changes in the last year. With the passing of our beloved Director of Communication Program, Billie Jean Wiebe, PH.D., faculty members stepped up to care for the Communication students. Not only did the program lose Billie Jean Wiebe, PH.D., but there were also

FPU’s Animal Community


Who are our furry friends? If you have been on campus, you have probably seen the large community of animals that claim FPU as their home. Many students have stories and encounters to share about these animals (some are better experiences than others!). The largest population of furry friends can be found almost everywhere on

Clubs on Campus


A Guide on How to Get Involved on Campus Returning to campus after such a long hiatus has created a bit of a rift on campus life. It feels different, but for good reason. However, if you are one of those students who wants to be more active on campus, whether you commute or live

Filipino American History Month


What the Month Means and How FPU Plans to Honor it October 1st marks the start of Filipino American History Month. It is a month dedicated to showcase the ongoing culture, heritage, and legacy Filipinos have here in the United States, connecting those living in the Philippines and those living in the U.S. The Filipino

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