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FPU’s LGBTQ+ Pride Club Denied


Following the discernment of Fresno Pacific University’s Board of Trustees, President Jones decided to deny the request for an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on campus. On October 26th, 2021, President Joseph Jones, Ph.D. announced that he has chosen to deny the request for establishing an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on Fresno Pacific University’s campus.  President Jones, regarding



This semester has been an odd one, especially with most of us having returned to our homes and families to, quite literally, sit out the coronavirus pandemic. As we approach the end of the semester, this oddness has, if anything, been more emphasized than ever before.  Rather than the usual last panic of finals, brief

Lent for the Layman


How both spiritual and non-spiritual people can benefit from Lenten observance Lent is a common practice in our society due to us being founded and established on Judeo-Christian values. As a Christian campus, there are many students who partake in this practice, for religious reasons and health reasons. But what is Lent?  No matter our

First hand travel experience amid COVID-19


The fear and joys of traveling abroad during spring break Spring break has been known as a time where college students travel to have a fun vacation from school. This spring break we decided to go to Paris, France for a week and embrace the tourist life in Paris! However, this trip we were so

15 tips for students adjusting to online schooling


Being productive in uncertainty Take time to adjust. Allow yourself time to make the change. Making the change from one learning style to another is really challenging and it may take a few weeks to make the full transition. During this change, allow yourself to transition slowly and properly, rather than trying to force yourself