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Ways FPU can improve Life on Campus

One of the many great things about FPU is the size of the school. It is a smaller campus compared to some of the others in the valley, allowing students to feel a more intimate experience at school and a feeling of community. Despite the campus having a homey vibe, it of course has things it can improve on. Whether improvements are within classrooms, dorms, or adding things to the open-air aspect of it all, FPU has room to grow. 

Since its inception in 1944, FPU has seen a slew of improvements and add-ons over the decades. With an ever-growing campus, it was necessary to make investments to grow the school as it grew with incoming students and staff. However, the last major additions to the school since 2000 have been AIMS Hall (2002), Steinert Campus Center (2003), Seminary House (2010), and North Hall (2010). Both the Seminary House and North Hall already existed and were later officially part of the university. We also know the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center is soon to be completed and introduced in the near future, but what else is FPU missing?

With this question in mind, the Syrinx has decided to interview fellow Sunbirds to get their perspective on additions FPU should make.

What would you want FPU to add to make campus life or the overall experience here better?

Siena Anzaldua, English, Senior:

“Honestly, more resources for students who are first generation and for individuals whose parents have no experience with the college system. Also, more resources for students where they can communicate grievances in relation with their professors because there is a lack of a chain of command where students can take serious complaints and concerns.” 

Samantha Diaz, Media and Film Studies, Sophomore:

“Something that could make the fpu experience better could be creating more on campus events that both commuters and residents can enjoy. Along with that, maybe offering more food options in the cafeteria/cafe or having food trucks every once in a while would be something students would look forward to during the semester.”

Kylyn Dirks, Communications, Senior:

“A big fitness center, for people who don’t play sports, I know we got one but it’s small and it’s usually occupied by sports teams.” 

Mauricio Gonzalez, Communications, Junior: 

“Personally, I love sports. Always have and although I’m not an athlete at FPU, I would love to see intramural sports take place or even a sports event type thing happen on campus. I feel like it would be different and also just pretty fun to have others let loose and let some energy out. I remember when my cousin was once a student here at FPU they had a large variety of activities like that, where students were heavily involved. But yeah that’s my opinion.“

Jimmy Guzman, Assistant Director of Sports Medicine:

“Food Trucks.”

Demitrius Searcy, Communications, Senior:

“Better dorms with better chairs and beds.”

Megan Sheret, Business Administration, Senior: 

“Up to date entertainment facilities.”

Michael Smith, Communications, Senior:

“A game room.”

Rebeca Tapia, Kinesiology, Senior:

“I know they are planning on doing it, but I would like to have restrooms and locker rooms over by the track. Everyone has to walk over here to use them.”

Kristi Yorke, Psychology, Grad Student:

“If they could, like, provide more food options in the coffee shop that would be nice because I am a commuter and don’t have a meal plan with the cafeteria.”

FPU has definitely grown over the years. Part of being a school rooted in change means that the campus can get pretty forgotten along with the change. The addition of the Culture and Arts Center is sure to be a big win for Sunbirds, but little changes here and there couldn’t hurt.

Written by: Julian Alcaraz | Editor & Alicia Garcia | Staff Writer

Graphic by: Liza Larrabee

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