Black Friday is more popular among students than Cyber Monday

Black Friday is more popular among students than Cyber Monday

For some students, Thanksgiving is a great time to gather with family and catch up, but once that is over many students start thinking about shopping on Black Friday. Black Friday seems to be happening earlier and earlier each year. But is it really worth it to end your Thanksgiving early to go wait in those long lines to save money, or is it better to wait until Cyber Monday and just purchase those items online from the comfort of your own home at your convenience?

Leslie Higareda, a sophomore at Fresno Pacific University, shared her thoughts on what students should consider when shopping during these national savings events. 

In a generation where E-commerce is so high, it is surprising that many students still prefer to go shopping on Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday

Alex Rivera

“Black Friday certainly has some perks over Cyber Monday, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes and being able to see what each store offers, rather than competing with dozens of people online to buy a certain item that may even be out of stock,” Higareda said. 

Higareda also prefers being able to visit physical locations, and shared her personal favorite stores that she goes to during Black Friday. 

“I like to go to the Nike store and the Vans store and seeing all the different sales they have. What’s good about it is that you can actually try it on before you get it . . . Online you have to go through the hassle of returning it,” Higareda said. 

A lot of Black Friday shoppers go with the mindset that they’re planning on spending money, whether it be for personal reasons or even getting a head start on Christmas shopping. But as college students, is it worth it to spend a lot of money these days, especially with winter break being short and the spring semester approaching quickly? With a new semester approaching, that money could be wisely spent on books for the upcoming semester. But it turns out some students are savvy shoppers and don’t spend too much. 

“The most I’ve spent is like 100 dollars,” Higareda said.

Emma Montoya, a junior here at FPU, also prefers Black Friday as her shopping choice.

“I probably prefer Black Friday shopping. I remember good memories about walking around with my family and shopping,” Montoya said. 

Montoya, who likes to go for the experience of Black Friday, also shares that she spends typically 100 dollars.

Matt Wilfong, a junior at FPU, also believes Black Friday is the best shopping method. 

“Probably Black Friday for the experiences like having friends come with you.  Just being able to have a few people that you can go out with, it can be kinda fun,” Wilfong said. 

Some of the items and stores that Wilfong and his friends go to are ones that usually advertise the biggest sales on Black Friday.

“I hit up Best Buy a lot just because sometimes you get good stuff. I like looking at the video games and things, but more so now probably I would look for some shoes, jeans and stuff like that,” Wilfong said. 

Wilfong, even though he prefers Black Friday shopping, also does a little bit of shopping online on Black Friday, trying to get ahead of some of the deals in store. 

“The cool thing to Cyber Monday versus Black Friday is that even a lot of the online sites do deals on Black Friday as well,” Wilfong said 

But even though Wilfong looks for electronic items and clothes, he still tries to stay within his budget while shopping.

“I try not to spend more than 100 bucks at one time just because I don’t want to feel guilty,” Wilfong said. 

It may be tempting to shop on these money saving days, so it’ll seem to be that everyone still works with a budget of one hundred dollars. In a generation where E-commerce is so high, it is surprising that many students still prefer to go shopping on Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday. The convenience that online shopping has become over the past few years can’t surpass the idea that many students still love to experience the shopping extravaganza. 

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