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For those who love to binge watch, it is common to get bored on one streaming service once you have seen everything and move on to the next. However, there are people who do not have access to the other streaming services we have written about. Therefore, we thought we would share our favorite Hulu shows and movies. While these times are hard for everybody, now is a good time to binge watch and maybe even find your new favorite TV show.

As usual, we will be breaking our top picks into six categories, our first category being Reality TV shows. While Reality TV may not be everyone’s first choice, it allows you an hour to simply forget about your own problems. Watching others and what they are doing has the ability to take your mind off of what is currently happening in the real world and transport you to a sometimes more peaceful time. For those who already watch Reality TV or are looking for a show to help escape reality, then this is the category for you. Hulu has a great array of Reality TV shows such as: Real Housewives, with Beverly Hills being a fan favorite, Vanderpump Rules, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, Love Island (UK) and Say Yes to the Dress. From drama, to happiness, to laughter, these shows will have you watching for hours.

Following this, our next category is one that will bring you lots of happiness and laughter as you watch. For this, we have chosen Comedy to be our second category. Struggles around the world have us all needing a bit of laughter at times, and Hulu has the perfect shows to do this. Our top picks for this category are: Brooklyn 99, Black-ish, Grown-ish, How I Met Your Mother and The Goldbergs. During times of struggle, sometimes we just need to sit down and have a good laugh, a thing these shows never fail at causing.

Although everyone needs a good laugh, at times it is helpful to connect to those who are also feeling the same emotions in which we ourselves are struggling with. Having said this, we have decided to make Drama our third category. During a time when there are many emotions to be felt, watching a show in which communication is effective and empathy can be seen allows for one to also stay in touch with emotions they may be feeling. For both new and old Drama watchers, we have selected these shows as our top picks that we feel people will greatly enjoy: One Tree Hill, The Handmaid’s Tale, Little Fires Everywhere, American Horror Story, Desperate Housewives, Looking for Alaska and Station 19. At a time when we need to access our emotions the most, these shows are sure to help you feel them.

While staying inside I’m sure many have begun looking at their childhood photos or reminisced on a time when the world felt normal again, as have we. Therefore, we decided to dedicate our fourth category to Throwback TV Shows. Hulu has an excellent choice of shows that are sure to take you back to your childhood. A few of our favorite Throwback shows include Full House, Drake & Josh, Reba, Gravity Falls, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make it or Break it. From laughter, to the reminiscing of memories, to emotions, these shows are sure to give you all the feels you felt as a child.

For our readers who like to feed into their competitive side we also have competition show recommendations. These can be broken down into two main categories: fashion/entertainment and cooking. In terms of the entertainment spectrum Hulu offers shows such as Project Runway, The Voice, Scream Queens and America’s Got Talent. These shows have competitions focused on the entertainment industry and showcase various talents and abilities. Our second category of competitive cooking contains Master Chef’s, Cake Boss, Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef. Whether you prefer watching people bake monstrous cakes or face challenges in making a five-course meal these shows are sure to satisfy your cravings. 

If TV shows aren’t your jam fret not, we have movies too! There are an endless array of titles and genres of film on Hulu. Our recommendations are A Simple Favor, Heathers, Good Will Hunting, Wonder, Super 8, The Fault in Our Stars and Horton Hears a Who. Movies are a great way to occupy some of your free time during this quarantine. Those we have recommended here vary from scorned women getting justice to a retelling of Dr. Seuss. With our suggestions and the surplus of other options available on the streaming service there’s truly something for everyone.
Binge-Worthy material is available on every type of streaming service and Hulu is no exception. Within television there is reality, comedy, drama, throwback, and competition.
Each of these genres offer an assortment of shows that range in intensity and interest. We also recommended a few films found on Hulu. During the quarantine students and faculty are busy with working on assignments and making deadlines so when you get overwhelmed or need a good distraction from things one of these shows or movies is a great place to turn to. All of these titles and more are available on Hulu. Happy binging!

Authors: Shyanne Mortimer and Dani Mercado

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