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While the world continues to face this global pandemic, it has left many of us with an overwhelming amount of fear, anxiety and boredom. Despite this hard time we are facing, a lot of us are self-quarantining which means a lot of free time on our hands. Let’s look on the bright side though: binge watching! With so many streaming services at people’s fingertips it can be hard to decide what to watch. On Disney+ alone there are so many wonderful options. From the classic original films to the modern sci-fi saga, there is truly something for everyone. Below we have listed our top 5 Disney+ categories with a few of our favorite movies from each to help pass the time everyone now has. 

As we try our best to cope with such issues, these movies are one way to occupy your time as well as, allow us a moment to focus on our mental health

Our first category we have chosen is: classic films. For those of you who enjoy a good happy ending or crave the nostalgia of early childhood memories, this is the category for you. A few princess movies we have put into this category are Moana, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Princess Diaries and Cinderella. However, the original movies would be 101 Dalmatians, Lilo and Stitch, High School Musical, Cheetah Girls and The Lion King. This is a category that has the ability to send you back to your early childhood years and give you that warm and fuzzy sensation you had years ago.

Moving on from this, we have settled on old Disney Channel shows as our second picked category. In between all of the more modern shows they have added to Disney+, nothing beats the early 2000s TV shows. Some oldie but still goodie shows include Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s So Raven, Boy Meets World, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire and who could forget Suite Life of Zach and Cody/ on Deck. Between the chaos of school, work, and friends we often forget about these classic TV shows that became a part of our childhood. Now with our “break,” it is an excellent time to revisit these classic shows.

Next in line we have the creative and more imaginative side to Disney that we all know and love, Pixar. Throughout our lives Pixar has created 22 heart-warming movies that have continued to stay with us for many years. These animators have created some of our favorite movies with an animation quality that has seemed to grow more life-like throughout the years. Whether you are in a mood for action, nostalgia or a movie more heart-felt, Pixar has the movies for you. With movies like Cars, The Incredibles, Up, Coco, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story your time is sure to be occupied. 

On August 31st, 2009 Disney changed the movie industry forever and bought Marvel Entertainment. With this sale they captured the rights to anything part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pleasing many Marvel fans around the world. While Disney pleased fans 9 years ago with this sale, fans are even more pleased now as those who have Disney+ have access to many shows and movies created by Marvel Entertainment. Having said this, it was only fair that we dedicated an entire category to these cinematic masterpieces. After much consideration we narrowed our top 5 Marvel movies down to the following: Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Captain America Civil War, Avengers Infinity War and Ant Man. With Disney announcing the opening of their Marvel-inspired land, Avengers Campus, on July 18th, now is the perfect time to rewatch or newly watch these epic movies!

Star Wars is another world of film that Disney branched into in 2012. Diehard fans of the franchise were skeptical at first. People wanted to ensure the content of the Star Wars films would remain true to their story and roots. Star Wars has its own category on Disney+ and consists of not only the original films but series and specials as well. I personally have been watching the original Star Wars films for the first time in my life and have been blown away by the story. From the beautiful cinematography to John Williams’ stellar compositions the films are a thing of beauty. When discussing it as a team we agreed that Star Wars Episode 3 was a collective favorite. Aside from the films, Disney+ added its own hit series, The Mandalorian. The show was a resounding success with baby Yoda, or the child, being brought into the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set to release its second season in October of this year. 

Although it is hard being stuck inside, it is a good way for us to protect ourselves and those around us. Now is a great time to escape into another world or reminisce about some past favorites. As we try our best to cope with such issues, these movies are one way to occupy your time as well as, allow us a moment to focus on our mental health. Disney is known for its ability to bring magic to all ages, so (pixie) dust yourself off and enjoy some stories. 

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