FPU Spring Fling 2022


A Night of Dinner, Dancing, and Dessert for FPU Students On Friday, April 1, 2022, Fresno Pacific hosted the Spring Fling dance at Moravia Wines & Event Venue. The night consisted of dinner, dancing, and dessert for FPU students. Student Life planned a spectacular event, as many students did not want to leave! At the

The Crocheted Ducky: a small business ran by a student from FPU!


A description of the business and how it came to be! Are you interested in supporting small and local businesses? If so, The Crocheted  Ducky is the perfect business to support! This business is run by FPU student Jacklyn Avila, otherwise known as Jackie, who makes a variety of crocheted art. From an adorable baby

Go-to Morning Drinks…


What’s yours? We all have our own way of getting our day started. For some of us, that requires our go-to morning drinks. It is often said that many cannot get their day started without an iced coffee, but that is not the case for everyone. We asked some fellow Sunbirds “What is your go-to

#BookTok books that are actually worth the hype


A deeper review on #BookTok recommendations Many of us have Tik Tok, and honestly,  we all probably spend too much time on it scrolling endlessly through videos. Tik Tok has developed a huge hashtag called “Book Tok.” Several people post videos with reviews of trending books and use #BookTok in the caption section. However, are

The Struggles International Students Face at FPU


A deeper look into the college life of international students Fresno Pacific University has a large International-Student population. Several international students are athletes, so they come for an opportunity to play their sport all the while receiving an education in America. Many come to California with the anticipation and vision in their head that Fresno,

Birds for Pride Demonstration


Why the March Was Necessary to Raise Awareness On March 16th, students and local religious leaders joined forces in a demonstration organized by Birds for Pride. This event passed through the FPU campus in hopes of garnering awareness to the unjust denial of a formal pride club being allowed on FPU’s campus. The thing that

The Batman Movie Review


Non-spoiler movie review of Robert Patterson’s newest movie The Batman! Robert Patterson received lots of criticism when he was cast as Batman. Many thought he could not perform the role. Additionally, his role as Edward in Twilight played a role in the criticism. Some people did not like the idea of him playing Batman for

Mock Rock 2022


A description of the event and an interview with the winner! Mock Rock was an incredible event in which students showed off their lip-syncing and dancing abilities. The event involved both individual and group performances. From performing an entire storyline based on Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License,” to coming out of the stage and throwing wigs

4 Reasons Why The Zombie Apocalypse Would Not Be Fun!


A short rant inspired by a text conversation! Recently, I had a conversation with a friend in which she casually mentioned that the zombie apocalypse would be fun. To be specific, she expressed that she would like to have some fun before the end. Besides saying this as if it was a completely normal opinion,

Athletes Giving Back


Athletes share their experience giving back to the community Fresno Pacific athletes have shown hard work on the field and on the court. These same athletes have shown hard work in their community as well. Fresno Pacific would like to recognize student athletes who have volunteered with their teams and given back to the community.