What’s your Harry Potter house and favorite movie?


Insight into FPU students through their Harry Potter house Harry potter is a well-known franchise, and it is a whole world itself. Thousands of people have fallen in love with the books, especially the movies. People can agree or disagree that the movies are good, but we all have that one movie that is extra

Teacher Feature: Dr. Ranjan George


Dr. George’s Calling to Being an Educator Dr. Ranjan George is FPU’s associate professor of business and the undergraduate business program director. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka, until he left to India to finish high school, due to the civil war. After many moves and returning home a few times, he came

The Winning Essay!


María Eir Magnúsdóttir  Janet Calandra  COM-110A  02.13.2022  A person who should be remembered in history: Beyoncé Knowles Carter  Who should be remembered as one of the greatest in history? Beyonce Knowles Carter should be at the top of the list. Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston Texas. After singing in

How Translation Effects the Viewing Experience


A discussion on Shrek and Encanto If you speak more than one language, you have likely enjoyed a film in a particular language over the other(s) you speak. This is an experience I have had several times, and there are some movies that I prefer in Spanish while others I prefer in English. This is

Campus Upgrades


Ways FPU can improve Life on Campus One of the many great things about FPU is the size of the school. It is a smaller campus compared to some of the others in the valley, allowing students to feel a more intimate experience at school and a feeling of community. Despite the campus having a

Thoughts on The Iliad and The Odyssey


A discussion on gender roles and heroes While the Odyssey and the Iliad are classic pieces of literature, they contain themes that may not be enjoyable for a modern audience. One great example of those themes is the gender roles within the stories and what it means to be a hero. To start off, women

Doors or Wheels?


Have you ever wondered if there were more doors or more wheels in the world? The thought seems interesting, as it is something to really think about. This random thought was brought up when a viral post on Twitter was posted by a group of friends who were said to be having a “pointless” debate

How do you celebrate Easter?


Egg hunts and Easter traditions shared by Fresno Pacific students, A focus on food, family, and faith The fun of a good Easter egg hunt almost always makes the work of putting on itchy Sunday Church clothes worth it. Whether you are finding shiny, aluminum-wrapped chocolate eggs or dollar bills stuffed in plastic shells, the

A Look On Cringy/Embarrassing Things Gen Z Does


Obsessions with quirkiness, oversharing, and much more! Every generation has trends or characteristics to be embarrassed about. Today, however, we will discuss Gen Z and some of the cringy and embarrassing things that some of its members do. Some of these will also be applicable to generations like the millennials, but the focus of the

A Review/Rant on Classical Books


Thoughts on books we were forced to read in high school Many of us have been forced to read classical books at school, and the experience can be one that sucks the entertainment out of reading. As a result, here is a short review relating to some of the most popular books that high schoolers

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