Spider Man: No Way Home.. A Review


Great movie for Spider Man fans only? Spider Man: No Way Home was a movie many had been anxious to see. It is a must-see for everyone, because there is big talk surrounding No Way Home. It is a movie that should not be spoiled for anyone, by any means! New viewers should be able

Duolingo, a Game-like Language Learning App!


How does Duolingo work and what do students think about it? Duolingo has become known for its meme-worthy advertising tactics, passive-aggressive reminders, and its recognizable owl mascot. Beneath the surface of all of this, some may ask: is the app really effective? At its core, Duolingo works by teaching people in an unconventional manner, which

Album Review


Adele’s Most Powerful Album Yet! In the last decade, Adele released the powerful, melancholy albums we all know and love today, 21 and 25. However, six years later, Adele released what might be her best album yet, 30. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is known that Adele’s new album is kind

Change within the Communication Department


Faculty is hopeful for the future The Communication department has undergone many changes in the last year. With the passing of our beloved Director of Communication Program, Billie Jean Wiebe, PH.D., faculty members stepped up to care for the Communication students. Not only did the program lose Billie Jean Wiebe, PH.D., but there were also

Red (Taylor’s Version) Takes Us Back to 2012 During 2021


How Taylor Swift is taking back her power and what we’re loving about it If you have not been aware of current news regarding Taylor Swift, you might be wondering why albums (that were released years ago) are suddenly popping back up. Do not worry, I will explain. After Swift’s contract with Big Machine Records

Thanksgiving Movie Recommendations!


What kind of Thanksgiving movies are out there? Why do students think there are so few of them? Holidays like Christmas and Halloween are prevalent in movies and can be found anywhere. However, the same cannot be said about the Thanksgiving holiday! Very few Thanksgiving-themed movies exist. Due to the lack thereof, here are four

What Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes do Students Have?


Recipes and Instructions Shared by FPU Students! Here are the recipes FPU students have to share. We hope you enjoy these recipes and try them out for Thanksgiving this year! Vegan Green Pozole Ingredients: 1 pound fresh tomatillos 1 poblano pepper 1 jalapeno 2 pasilla peppers 1 large white onion 1 serrano pepper 6 tablespoons

Shows like Squid Game to Watch Next


South Korean TV stories to satisfy your need for Korean Drama Hwang Dong-hyuk’s thrilling K-drama, Squid Game, is a show about 456 players who play a series of deadly children’s games in order to win ₩45.6 billion to solve their large debts. This series  has taken the world by storm after its release on September

FPU’s Animal Community


Who are our furry friends? If you have been on campus, you have probably seen the large community of animals that claim FPU as their home. Many students have stories and encounters to share about these animals (some are better experiences than others!). The largest population of furry friends can be found almost everywhere on

Shalom Club is Hosting a Clothing Swap Event!


Details about the event, the mission behind it, and how students can get involved Shalom Club is hosting a free clothing swap event on Tuesday, November 16, 2021! This event will be held during activity hour from 12:40 PM to 2:00 PM, in the forest. In the days leading up to this event, students can

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