Aunt Flow is here to stay at Fresno Pacific

How the ambition of one woman is creating accessibility for those who menstruate

The womens’ restrooms at Fresno Pacific are looking a little bit different this year, thanks to the efforts of current Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President, Danya Gonzalez. The Aunt Flow Project is responsible for the addition of 12 pad and tampon dispensers throughout the FPU main campus. These dispensers are a free resource to anyone in need; Danya (and almost all women) know the feeling of being unprepared during that time of the month. “It’s not fun. It’s uncomfortable and unsanitary,” Gonzales said. “When SGA got an email from the company, Aunt Flow, I knew that this was something important to me.”  

Aunt Flow is a company on a mission to ensure everyone has access to menstrual products. Whether it is the workplace, school, or a public restroom, Aunt Flow is committed to dispensing free menstrual products. Their products are 100% cotton, biodegradable, tampons and pads, that are FDA-approved with no added chemicals, synthetics, or dyes. Best of all, they are free to anyone with a menstruation cycle. “When I met with the company, they were so nice and very transparent about issues and what is going on with menstruation equity; and not just that, but what they contribute to it,” Gonzalez said. Danya goes on to share about the charitable aspects of the company, “For every ten tampons sold, Aunt Flow donates one tampon to a menstruator in need.”

Now a junior, Danya dedicated her sophomore year to bringing Aunt Flow to Fresno Pacific. After being in communication with Aunt Flow representatives, it was clear the student body would benefit from their products ― but, how? The Student Government Association took on extra projects, one of them being the funding of over twenty chairs for the future Warkentine Culture and Arts Center, and budgets were stricter than previous years, “Everyone on the team at the time was eager to make this happen, so I reached out around campus to see how we could possibly get this done.” Gonzalez said. After meeting with many on-campus departments, Danya received monetary support from the Health and Wellness Program, as well as Commuter Life. The support from these departments covered the cost of the dispensers, and SGA was able to fund the menstrual products.

Through the support Gonzalez was able to receive for this project, the dispensers were installed this past summer and we are currently in the trial year to see how many of the dispensers are used and if more need to be added. As tampons and pads are emptied from the dispensers, members from the SGA staff will be refilling them. So far, the response has been positive, and Danya is committed to ensuring this project becomes a staple for Fresno Pacific in the years to come. “The most important part is that we wanted it to be free for all and inclusive,” Gonzalez said, “As long as you get menstruation, you can get these free products.” 

Join Danya, the rest of Student Government, and the student body in celebrating the Aunt Flow Launch Party.  This initiation will be held on October 1st from 7:00-9:00 pm at the SGA House. There will be karaoke, a DJ, and themed food. Be sure to wear red!

Locations of the Aunt Flow dispenser:

  1. Commuter Life
  2. Charlotte’s Corner
  3. McDonald Hall Downstairs 
  4. Sattler Hall
  5. Kreighbaum 
  6. Hiebert Library
  7. Steinert Campus Center
  8. Special Events Center
  9. BC Lounge
  10. Office of Spiritual Formation
  11. AIMS Downstairs
  12. Wiebe Education Center

Author: Melissa Rigby | Social Media Co-Editor

Graphic by: Jesus Zamora

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