ALAS Has Transformed into the Intercultural Learning Center

The ILC is Creating More Opportunities on Campus

The Intercultural Learning Center (ILC) is a new term on Campus.  Executive Director of Intercultural Integration and Chief Diversity Officer, Patty Salinas, says ALAS is now a Subcategory of the new term, ILC. 

 “The intention was always to find a way to continue providing those services through university funding and through university services,” Salinas said. 

Salinas explains that ALAS has not disappeared, but rather remains under a new, more inclusive term. This change was brought on by a loss of temporary grant funding provided by the Department of Education which started in 2015. Switching gears and now being the ILC, the center is now able to provide many more services for FPU students and faculty. 

The ILC remains a safe space for first generation students, but the goal is to be advertised as such for all students on campus instead of the misconception that the center is only for first generation or Latino students.

“I think the difference now is to be able to offer more support and resources for, you know, more populations,” Salinas said. 

Being able to work with more departments, being that university funding has less limitations than the funding from the Department of Education, means that the ILC is able to get more exposure for the resources they have to offer all students. 

“The really exciting part is that we’re not the only ones reaching out to people. Sure, we’re doing that. But there’s a lot more of the reverse as well happening,” Salinas states. 

Salinas was asked what she wanted students and faculty to know about the ILC.

“We want to make sure that they are using the ILC as a place where they are–where they feel supported… where they feel recognized and celebrated,” Salinas said. 

Salinas also speaks on the ILC, always being open to faculty and students who want to collaborate, host events, or just use it as a resource. The ILC has many events planned on campus for the upcoming year, stop by the center located by the cafeteria and ask about upcoming events or resources that they offer. 

By: Eryca Goldsborough | Staff Writer

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