What is The Syrinx?

The Syrinx (pronounced “SEAR-inks”) is the monthly student newspaper of Fresno Pacific University. The name refers to the vocal organ of a bird.


Our mission is to inform, review, challenge and foster dialogue about issues, events and ideas within our immediate FPU community and the world at large.


The Syrinx desires to be the voice box and mirror of the FPU community by providing a resource where information can be sought and a medium through which ideas can be communicated. The intent of The Syrinx is to be an impetus, which provokes thought and provides clarity of understanding. The Syrinx hopes to enhance the experience of life within its community.


To fulfill its role as the voice and mirror of the FPU community, The Syrinx staff will work to become familiar with the diverse facets of community life, such as student social life, student government, the wide range of programs and functions, academics, faculty and administration. Coverage of community life will be provided through new articles, feature stories, commentaries and editorials in each issue. The staff will work actively to encourage others within the community to present their voice and talent in The Syrinx.

How to Get Involved

You should consider getting involved with The Syrinx, if you’re interested in

  • helping to shape campus conversations and amplify student voices;
  • joining a diverse, energetic team of fellow students;
  • creating award-winning student media;
  • becoming an effective communicator;
  • gaining hands-on professional experience that is applicable to many professions

Here are ways you can get involved:

As a Guest Contributor

Any FPU student, staff, faculty and alumn can be a guest contributor to The Syrinx. We welcome guest columns, graphics, photos, and comics. Please contact editor@thesyrinx.com to pitch a story.

As a Staff Contributor

Any current FPU undergraduate student can be a staff contributor. Staff contributors enroll in one unit of Journalism Practicum (COM 155), attend weekly staff meetings on Mondays at 10 and make six contributions to the newspaper in a semester. Joining The Syrinx as a staff contributor can lead to opportunities for editorships, and provides great hands-on experience in publication and professional communication.

As an Editor

Editors are hired by the Editor-in-chief in consultation with the faculty adviser. Open editor positions for next semester are usually posted during week 12 of the current semester. Editors shape the direction of student media at FPU, gain immense hands-on professional experience and earn the Pacific Publication scholarship.