3v3 Basketball Tournament

Fresno Pacific hosted “Hoop Heroes” on October 14th, 2021. Hoop Heroes is a 3v3 basketball tournament where students were allowed to compete for a chance to win $300! This Basketball event was held in front of the Special Events Center. The event held multiple rounds of games every Thursday, and the teams that won the most moved up the ladder until the championship game. 

The Championship game took place on November 2nd, 2021, for the final round between two teams. This final game determined the winners between two teams, out of the best of three games! The games were played for 10 minutes each round with no score limit. The point system is by ones and twos instead of the traditional twos and threes. The event hosted extra items such as food, music and more! 

The winning team of the tournament was Team Bazl. After the championship game, one of the members of Bazl, Bret Lombardi, made a final statement.

“We had a lot of fun competing in the tournament and playing against other students but we really wanted to win the money and that’s what we did!” Lombardi said. 

Team Bazl received a $300 check and the final score of the championship game was 14-7.

Author: Casey Watkins | Staff Writer & Graphics Editor

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