January 2022

Virtual Tours of Museums and Aquariums!


What are some of the best virtual tours to explore and relax? Would you like to take a tour of a museum or an aquarium, but are not able to attend in person? Here are some great virtual tours that you can experience from the comfort of your home! Walkthrough of the NY Aquarium This

Spider Man: No Way Home.. A Review


Great movie for Spider Man fans only? Spider Man: No Way Home was a movie many had been anxious to see. It is a must-see for everyone, because there is big talk surrounding No Way Home. It is a movie that should not be spoiled for anyone, by any means! New viewers should be able

Duolingo, a Game-like Language Learning App!


How does Duolingo work and what do students think about it? Duolingo has become known for its meme-worthy advertising tactics, passive-aggressive reminders, and its recognizable owl mascot. Beneath the surface of all of this, some may ask: is the app really effective? At its core, Duolingo works by teaching people in an unconventional manner, which