November 2021

Thanksgiving Movie Recommendations!


What kind of Thanksgiving movies are out there? Why do students think there are so few of them? Holidays like Christmas and Halloween are prevalent in movies and can be found anywhere. However, the same cannot be said about the Thanksgiving holiday! Very few Thanksgiving-themed movies exist. Due to the lack thereof, here are four

What Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes do Students Have?


Recipes and Instructions Shared by FPU Students! Here are the recipes FPU students have to share. We hope you enjoy these recipes and try them out for Thanksgiving this year! Vegan Green Pozole Ingredients: 1 pound fresh tomatillos 1 poblano pepper 1 jalapeno 2 pasilla peppers 1 large white onion 1 serrano pepper 6 tablespoons

Shows like Squid Game to Watch Next


South Korean TV stories to satisfy your need for Korean Drama Hwang Dong-hyuk’s thrilling K-drama, Squid Game, is a show about 456 players who play a series of deadly children’s games in order to win ₩45.6 billion to solve their large debts. This series  has taken the world by storm after its release on September

FPU’s Animal Community


Who are our furry friends? If you have been on campus, you have probably seen the large community of animals that claim FPU as their home. Many students have stories and encounters to share about these animals (some are better experiences than others!). The largest population of furry friends can be found almost everywhere on

Shalom Club is Hosting a Clothing Swap Event!


Details about the event, the mission behind it, and how students can get involved Shalom Club is hosting a free clothing swap event on Tuesday, November 16, 2021! This event will be held during activity hour from 12:40 PM to 2:00 PM, in the forest. In the days leading up to this event, students can

Clubs on Campus


A Guide on How to Get Involved on Campus Returning to campus after such a long hiatus has created a bit of a rift on campus life. It feels different, but for good reason. However, if you are one of those students who wants to be more active on campus, whether you commute or live

FPU’s LGBTQ+ Pride Club Denied


Following the discernment of Fresno Pacific University’s Board of Trustees, President Jones decided to deny the request for an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on campus. On October 26th, 2021, President Joseph Jones, Ph.D. announced that he has chosen to deny the request for establishing an LGBTQ+ Pride Club on Fresno Pacific University’s campus.  President Jones, regarding

3v3 Basketball Tournament


Fresno Pacific hosted “Hoop Heroes” on October 14th, 2021. Hoop Heroes is a 3v3 basketball tournament where students were allowed to compete for a chance to win $300! This Basketball event was held in front of the Special Events Center. The event held multiple rounds of games every Thursday, and the teams that won the

How do FPU Students Celebrate Day of the Dead?


What day of the dead is and how it’s celebrated by different students! Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a Latin American tradition that celebrates one’s family members who have passed. Traditionally, an altar is set up with the pictures of the deceased family members. In addition, the things that the