August 2021

Welcome Back: Editor Note

An exciting return to campus after several months

After a long 18 months of being apart, the time has finally arrived for students to return back to campus for face to face classes. Whether this is your first time getting to be on campus or you’re returning back to campus, on behalf of The Syrinx staff, welcome back to campus! We are excited to be back, and we hope you’ve enjoyed your first week back! 

 It’s both exciting and nerve racking returning to in person class when most of us have been learning behind a screen of a computer these past 18 months. Being online and transitioning back face-to-face can be a daunting, new challenge for this semester. However, this is also an opportunity to get involved and be a part of the community here at FPU. 

 As the semester continues on, here at The Syrinx we will be sharing stories with you about campus life, sports teams, music and theatre, and events that are happening locally. Stay tuned next week for more online stories. Have a wonderful semester, Sunbirds, and we wish you the best of luck this semester! 

Nikki Campos | Editor in Chief