September 2020

Tick Tock, TikTok


Tiktok does not get banned as planned The popular video app TikTok was expected to be banned for download by U.S. users on September 20. In response, TikTok users made videos showing  their distress, and thanked fellow users for watching their videos. Both users and viewers were bemoaning the fact that they couldn’t buy a

Images of an empty, COVID-ready campus


It may be hard to remember three weeks into the semester that FPU had originally hoped to offer in-person learning for Fall 2020. This was the plan, that is, until Governor Newsom’s order mandated distance learning for schools and universities in COVID-affected areas like the Central Valley. This order only allows for schools to bring



Traditional Fair Activities given a make-over this year There is something special in the air during a particular week in Tulare County. School has already started, and September quietly follows. You begin to see bracelet booths crop up, and that’s when you know. Fair Week is coming.The people of this outspread county come together to

Selena Gomez Launches New Makeup Line


Rare Beauty is true to the name Selena Gomez—well-known for her role as Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, outspoken advocacy of health issues, and rising music career—is constantly bringing new creative outlets and works to the table. Gomez’s most recent project was her very own makeup company, called Rare Beauty.  Rare Beauty was

The Legacy of Casa Pacifica


Hear stories from members of the FPU community  Last week, I covered a story on the loss of our cabin, Casa Pacifica, to the Creek Fire. In the course of my research I encountered many who had stories to share about their experiences there. I had the honor of interviewing a few from the FPU

How Senior Athletes are Coping with COVID-19


How are Seniors handling the uncertainty of their seasons? Although we are entering September, it feels as though we are still living in March. While we continue to social distance, wear masks, and stay indoors, athletes all around the world face challenges.  In late August, the NCAA came to the executive decision to push back

Casa Pacifica lost to Creek Fire


Discover the rise and fall of the FPU-owned retreat cabin A crumbling fireplace amidst soot and rubble: this is all that remains of Casa Pacifica, as revealed in a live Facebook video posted by freelance photojournalist Alex Londos. The university-owned retreat cabin colloquially referred to as “Casa” was lost to the Creek Fire over the

FPU Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Listening Sessions


Patty Salinas M.A. ALAS Title V Project Director: We are fully committed to providing an intellectually diverse, nondiscriminatory, and multicultural environment.  As such, part of the Diversity Initiatives for the 2020-2021 academic year include listening sessions so that we can assess the needs of our community and set areas for improvement. We would like to

Engagements and Weddings Covid Style


How couples have joined together during a time of isolation Since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, most soon-to-be brides and grooms have had to put a pause on their wedding or engagement plans. Others, however, are adjusting to the new normal. I interviewed two of our fellow Sunbirds—Jessica, currently planning her wedding, and

EPs in quarantine


Artists release new music 2020 has been a year many wish would start over. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to adopt a new lifestyle, with millions quarantined in their homes to avoid its spread.  Many naturally sought comfort during such strange times, and music became an outlet for people all over the