Corrections for Volume 31, Issue 1 (Sept. 21, 2015)

  • An Opinions article in the Sept. 21 issue of The Syrinx titled “A shoe in the door” incorrectly claimed that the visitation rule for resident students commonly known as “A shoe in the door, a lamp light or more” was not in the Student Handbook. Page 65 of the Student Handbook states: “When someone of the opposite gender is in your room, the door must be ajar the width equal to or greater than that of a shoe and a light source equal to or greater than a desk lamp must be in use.” We regret this error. The article also stated, correctly, that the saying “two burritos, not one” is not found in the Student Handbook, however, according to the Residence Life office, this saying is meant to help provide students more concrete parameters regarding behavioral standards described on page 9 of the Student Handbook. We regret any confusion this may have caused.


  • The Sept. 21 issue of The Syrinx mislabeled an article titled “Students adjust to new cafeteria hours” on page 5 as News. The article should have been labeled Opinions. Additionally, the cafeteria hours reported are not new this year, as the article incorrectly states. Sunday’s lunch hour, reported as “12:30-1:00PM” should have been reported as “12:30-1:30PM.” All dining hall hours can be found posted outside the cafeteria. We regret the errors and any confusion caused by the miscategorization of the article.


  • The “Letters Policy” section on page 2 of the Sept. 21 issue of The Syrinx listed the contact email for sending letters to The Syrinx as This email is incorrect. Instead, please send letters to The Syrinx to either cnm2 or slw8 [at]

Send corrections to cnm2 or slw8 [at]